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The few in this world who understand God verses the many in this world who know not God is because of the religions of man and their own spirit that knows not the Spirit of God.                  

Strong Biblical Response to Newsweek Article    

The Bible:

So Misunderstood It's a Sin

First of all, before you even begin to read much unquestionable fact concerning your life, your children, all those you know and love, and the lives of all on this earth – my intent is nothing more than sharing truths I have been seeking for many years without human beliefs, doctrines or traditions as interference,  but rather Yehovah Elohim as my only lead and teacher; therefore I in no way want to offend anyone – but sadly, the true news for us all during the beginning of the end of humanity under human rule is nothing but very bad news none want to hear or believe – even though it has been clearly written for those in spirit and truth.

When going into greatspiritual depth directly from scripture, and having many years of experience with today’s Christians on this much commented Newsweek article,I will limit Elohim’s own words from the Holy Bible to mainly what was written in just the first four paragraphsbeing  a most serious veracity; and reason why is no matter how much authoritative scripture is used, and in this particular issue having much authenticity believers want not, is because this world of not only Christians, but all religions on this planet earthbelieving onlywhat they want to believe, no matter how critical and severe the consequences coming upon them all shall be when essential truth for spiritually guiding their life has been rejected--- Period.

Therefore due great length being many pages from extreme steady effortsnonstopfor weeks while always looking to our Father, everything shared comes through very strong faith with prayer, so if you don’t like one sentence, or one section, just skip and continue because when all has been read, including supplied links,much understanding will come – but only if God is pleased with the intent of your heart through wanting to please Him, so speaks the WORDin many verses you shall read.

‘They wave their Bibles at passersby, screaming their condemnations of homosexuals. They fall on their knees, worshipping at the base of granite monuments to the Ten Commandments while demanding prayer in school. They appeal to God to save America from their political opponents, mostly Democrats. They gather in football stadiums by the thousands to pray for the country’s salvation.

Because all religious beliefs, actions, traditions, spirits, and human ways differ so greatly through the human spirit of error, what you just read above can be singled out differently for various groups who just do all things their own way, and what that means is but few Christian congregationsof the uncountable religions in America, and worldwide, can be directly spoken of as stated in the very first sentence, yetall Christian religions through massivedivision can be summarized in the single word “worship” according to our Fathers own words believers not only don’t believe, but reject, omit and shun: but know that few or many matters not when any scripture whatsoever with direction has been ignored, and that most definitely includes not only all Christian beliefs with many misleading doctrines and traditions, but all beliefs worldwide lacking full knowledge because they have been created by man, thusbelievers in no way understand nor follow the ‘Book of Instruction’ written for them all, yet will all say that they do as actually believing a lie to themselves.

Why does Elohim tell this world of believers the opposite of what they all think and believe? - There is only one true YHVH and one true religion through ‘Yeshua-The Word’ in John 1:1– So which Religion Are You?

Romans 12:18-21 - In other words, as believers, we should always try our best to keep displeasure with anger to ourselves, pray for others, never judge, and give to those in needthrough love with genuine kindness, because through faith – we know that when we are in need during these coming intensive timesoftrouble for all civilization, Yehovah will return to us in the same way to supply our needs not only written inLuke 6:38 above, but many more verses you shall view that will become as some of the most important end time facts never taught in the religions of man.

For any authentic and sincere believers seeking truth, scripture directs our actions through obedience along with much more direct instruction from the over 31,000 verses in the Bible.As we continue, any seeking hid treasure in Proverbs 2:4 can read for themselves how many words of Elohim are against this world of very misleading shepherds and so-called Christians through their actions,such as how all those worldwide living in disobedience worship in vain because they put trust in the doctrines and traditions of man that His words warn against over and over while being passed by as if they don’t exist; and reason is because this world of shepherds most certainly in no way believe how our Father sees them all as the blind leading the blind.

When it comes to Christians asking God for prayer in school, to me that alone is a far-fetched joke; and I only speak those words because at 60 it’s an activity I have never seen within public schools in my entire life – and Catholic or any religious business called school only teach falsely with not even knowing what true worship or prayer is due their separation from Elohim, and you will read the reasons whyfrom scripture if you stay with wanting spiritual knowledge.

Matthew 15:7-9–Mark 7:7-9 - Isaiah 29:13– Philippians 3:18-19 -Colossians 2:8, 16, 18, 20-23

The few to uncountablechurches from coast to coast which have seen all the great corruption within their governmentthrough what life in America has become for many,along with revealed scripture speaking on much timesoftrouble coming upon not only them, but upon all worldwide, do ask for Elohim to bless America, yet most all pay no mindnor have knowledge of how His curses must come before blessing with detail in Leviticus 26 being one of many strong and direct warnings; nor do they ask for blessing with heartfelt pity for individuals sufferingall around them not only in America, but also the uncountable in world rebel violence causing greataffliction on hundreds of millions leaving them with many deaths of their children and loved ones, destruction of homes or just shacks for most, famine anddisease while being left as nobody homeless refugees with nowhere to go having stability and hope in ourtotally unstable civilization being at the beginning of its complete downfallthrough these coming years.

When it comes down to large Christian gatherings in Football stadiums and mega churche$ where all believers greatly pay the head liars speakers donation$, love offering$ and whatever the big name professional business $ale$men convince them to give, such as all the past decades of Billy Graham saving the world while collecting mega-millions through being a controlled 33rd degree Freemason and a total fraud --- yet greatly loved by believers worldwide just as all big named psychologically led liars and greedy hypocrites through the same strong deception held over this entire human race by the father of lies--and to this day there are many big name religious con artists - and some even have their own private jets - spread worldwide for $elling their massive lie$ to a world been duped, and what I speak is nothing personal against Graham or any believers because. . .

‘They are God’s frauds, cafeteria Christians who pick and choose which Bible verses they heed with less care than they exercise in selecting side orders for lunch. They are joined by religious rationalizers—fundamentalists who, unable to find Scripture supporting their biases and beliefs, twist phrases and modify translations to prove they are honoring the Bible’s words.

While perfectly understanding your reaction to the extremely down grading words just read as a believer in Elohim the Father, and Yeshua our Messiah as His only begotten spiritually birthed son prior to creation of the visible universe,all that I ask is of you is to think hard, pray hard, and thoroughly examine yourself beyond false thoughts while using scripture as your only guide through faith knowing that everyinspired word of Elohim is true, righteous, and with purpose --- and because Elohim with no beginning or end while being everywhere always knows all things before they even happen, He knew exactly how man would corrupt His original inspired “Autographs” through many manuscripts and many translations along withhumans purposely adding lies and contradictions which have deceived billions.2 Peter 1:20-21, Psalms 12:6, 18:30, 33:4, 119:140, Proverbs 30:5, Revelation 12:8-9 Sadly this world of believers only believe what they choose or what they have been taught rather than believing and living by Yehovah’s exactness as written instruction directed at every genuine believer on this planet.

Below, Proverbs 2:1-6 and 3:5-6 contain very strong instruction in spiritual ways Christians and believers worldwide don’t follow. Read the words below while asking yourself if that is your only way of life? If so, where are your works in showing Yehovah who you truly are?What works? Read on.

Let’s now read what Elohim speaks on fruits required for making believers righteous.                           

Matthew 7:15-20 - Have you been checking you’re fruits?  Luke 6:44-46 Do you have any idea how many billions of believers completely eliminate themselves from all just read with verse 46 omitted? Yeshua is speaking on all His instruction within the entire Bible that believers don’t follow while honoring this world of other gods and lords through manmade religions with pagan ways.

John 15 clearly tells all believers, if they bear not fruit, they will be cast into the fires of affliction, andthose fires are not of the manmade torture chamber known as eternal hell fires being a total mistranslation and deliberate lie which has deceived billions.Want absolutedetailed proof for only spiritual minds losing trust in the religions of man worldwide?

This link  offers much biblical fact on many subjects never taught or discussed in manmade religions worldwide, yet the writer, just as most all other Christians, shows no love, compassion or care for others with 1 Corinthians 13:2 being a perfect example those knowledgeable omit.  However, I am in full agreement with most all written in his book, less the identity of Israel because they are not all Jews along with what he writes about believers separation on Elohims feasts in the coming millennial kingdom – meaning Gentiles who believe will need not honour feasts JewsIsrael honours. Yet Numbers 15:15 with many other verses speaks differently. David also hates those who offend him as written in Proverbs 18:19, but nothing new to me; therefore I do place great value on most all he has authored backed fully by scripture regardless of his ill feelings towards me shown by his lack of fruits.

Who is Israel? - Jacob whom Elohim renamed Israel was a man and not a nation; and his seed became as the stars spread worldwide, yet the majority of believers on this earth have no idea who Israel actually is because they are known as Jews to most all human minds not seeing truth; therefore many could easily be one of their descendants’ scattered worldwide – or even a stranger because all believers become as Israel, not only Jews.

The very first time the name Jews is used in the Holy Bible is not until 2 Kings 16:6; yet all believers call Israelites Jews while not realizing they are only speaking of Judah being one of the twelve tribes now in different locations with different languages and histories.

The term Jew passed into the English language from the Greek Ioudaios and Latin Iudaeus, from which the Old Frenchgiu was derived after dropping the letter "d", and later after a variety of forms found in early English (from about the year 1000) such as: Iudea, Gyu, Giu, Iuu, Iuw, Iew developed into the English word “Jew.” It thus ultimately originates in the Biblical Hebrew word Yehudi meaning "from the Tribe of Judah", "from the Kingdom of Judah" or Jew; and Judah was but only one of Jacobs twelve sons with their identification and whereabouts in the link above.

Does not Numbers 15:14-16 make all believers as one?

Are you as a believer of this world, or not of this world? Are you genuine, or are you a fraud?

If you understand Yeshua’s words in John 15:15-17, and if you can feel verse 19 speaking directly to you as being chosen, ask yourself what have you done directly forElohim and others to show you’re obedience? - Lifestyle for a true man of God. When any individual presents themselves to God as a living sacrifice; worldly items beyond basic needs have no worth or meaning.  My wife and I have lived one very hard and difficult life for over eight years, and when it comes right down to brotherly love and our basic needs, this world of religious people through words and no more are to last to care in any way making their faith dead as fruitless withered branches being thrown into the fires of affliction without God’s mercy.  Matthew 22:37-40, 25:31-46, James 2:13-20, John 15:6, Psalms 33:18-22, Romans 9:18

Romans 12:1-2 gives direct instruction from Yehovah to you as a believer – but have you become contrite, if the meaning is even known? Has your existence become so out of this world leading you into this life as follows . . .?

Colossians 3:1-6 is more critical instruction with warning for our renewed mind, yet where in this world of believers are those actually walking this commanded walk? In verse 5 speaking on covetousness, the great meaning is of the want and worship of any and all earthly material items which have become believers other gods with greed to protect them.  -Thou Shalt Have No Other gods Before Me: Other gods are anything and everything worldly from an exquisite home, fine attire, nice transportation, travel, or anything worldly which comes first and before our creator. This is a very deep subject because this entire world of believers has many gods while seeing themselves as saved and forgiven; yet walking in complete darkness via the false mental light supplied by the god of this world; and he is so powerful, and so very professional with a resume dating back millions of years, who of this world can possibly doubt him through his cunning ways of deception?

Have you become as a living sacrifice? Are you no longer of this world by walking the walk and living your life with direct counsel from Elohim? Do you shun all human doctrines and traditions like pagan holidays, unclean foods and being selfish with zero concern for others while making sure you are always self-satisfied with your own wants being first and only?

Do you see what’s shown on television, radio, talk shows, FOX, CNN and all major news, Facebook, plus all social sites and worldly ways being nothing but psychological darkness that hides civilizations coming fall as a human mind dumb-down to make people easy prey towards being unknowingly and fully controlled for massive population reduction worldwide? And not only through all the prison camps in USA, but GMO foods, meats, fowl, water, pharmaceuticals, products, chemical and biological weapons,  etc..  - These stones carry a very true, very strong and very important message for all civilization; yet what’s most important beingbreaking news that should be plastered through all media, music, television and religions on this globe remains unknown to 99% of this world’s population with Christians who are supposed to know our coming destiny, being the most ignorant.

I claim to be no prophet – just a messenger with a message none want to hear making me no different than any true man of God all through history, and through your own deep study with efforts, no person called, chosen and drawn has ever had an easy life – but rather great sacrifice unto death for many.

Want Strong Fact?

This Newsweek article does indeed have its great purpose when scripture for its backing has been revealed as it was meant to be; and that is because the author Kurt Eichenwald has already made some extremely true statements that are despised by Christians not only in America, but worldwide with more of his eschewed  words to come, that when taken in whole about believers and the Holy Bible, they became as high octane angered fuel for many titles of devout believers [in their own minds] with much to speak not only against the author, but Newsweek for allowing such harsh and false words; therefore let’s continue to examine some of Kurt’s words backed with so much scripture for support --- that even all the responders have been blinded too regarding Yehovah Elohim’s absolute truth based on this world of believers through their actions.

When the WORD all believers are to live by clearly show an un-righteous walk when compared to Yehovah’s expectation from billions claiming to be Christians within so many different denominations causing division, they all unknowingly travel their own different roads of life through the wide gate which leads to their destruction in ways they have no understanding of --- and that particular lack of knowledge being worldly salvation is more total blindness through this world of shepherds knowing not truth or purpose as written not only in Isaiah 45, but throughout much scripture beingElohim’s words of truth with precise detail on how and why all have been saved: and this link supplies them all - unless you despise new understanding along with scorn against who delivers unknown mysteries from our creator. If so, Ezekiel 2 you read above explains why with Matthew 13 detailing mysteries – and Proverbs 1:22-33 being another extremely important message for all end time misled religious individuals worldwide being in the billions.  - What’s extremely sad is the fact being most all earths inhabitants completely fail to see this world the way it truly is along with facts being the way living conditions will become for billions on earth, including themselves which shall become a thousand times worse than words can describe; and what I speak and share is not even a microscopic scratch in the surface of human corruption and suffering worldwide due the deception from reality through totally incapable and pathetic human rule as it truly is, and has always been.


Ecclesiastes 2:26, 8:1-13 and the entire book speaks such a clear truth for all believers and humanity this day, but only when we as individuals deeply self-examine ourselves --along with earthly rulers closely looked at in seeing their great hurt upon hundreds of millions which has always been, while only growing worse and worse during these end times filled with bloodshed---plus billions of believers not even seeing the evil in themselves, such as rejecting God’s instruction for their life all through His words that believers just pick and choose from, until the termination of Godless rule through removing the psychological mind controlling god of this world from his throne given to him by Elohim for His purpose worldly inhabitants have absolutely zero knowledge of while not believing or understanding these following words. . .

The words you just read from Isaiah 45, believers have zero belief or even any spiritual understanding of, even thoughthe subject has been written my me using scripture upon scripture with explanation as to why; and it’s because just as all Elohim’s truth, they can do no more thanpick and choose only what they want to believe while flushing the rest as if not even written, because of where they all live in Sluggards-Ville. Proverbs 6:4-11

Lamentations 2:17, 20-21 along with the entire book is an end time warning all religions completely reject while saying it was written for the Jews, it’s history, or whatever they choose to speak other than realities coming truth with chapter 3 giving vivid detail on the coming punshment for this world filled with hypocrties being religious frauds; and sadly it’s because ofshepherdsworldwide bringing much shed blood from their righteous congregations who were never taught truth, thus left in unseen darkness only to face a coming life filled with distress, panic, choas, terror, and the worst timesoftrouble that could ever be or have ever before been while being one hundred percent spiritually naked and unprepared whencrying out to God who hears not by His own will in Lamentations 3.

Because, spiritually speaking, I can do absolutely nothing myself, I just look to our Father always for direction on what to speak using His words of description for what is coming upon us all, yet Christians and all beliefs completely fail to realize that America is going to totally collapse regardless of their prayers because Elohim, being the true name meaning God, has already witnessed the complete destruction of the USA along with all humanities coming end everywhere on earth through the next decade being as final extinction ofhuman rule which has always been pathetically worthless where the good of civilization in positive ways is the issue.

Want some major truths on who controls this world’s rulers with reasons why in Daniel?

Do you understand how presidents of the United States and World Leaders gained their positions along with who Controls Their Corrupted Power Hungry Inhuman Minds?

But for worldly believers including Christians worldwide being not as doers of the word, and not watching the prophesized signs of the times, this link offers much.


‘Newsweek’s exploration here of the Bible’s history and meaning is not intended to advance a particular theology or debate the existence of God. Rather, it is designed to shine a light on a book that has been abused by people who claim to revere it but don’t read it, in the process creating misery for others.


Church Steeples – Bell Towers is such a heavy and mind blowing read – few will believe; and the reason is because Yehovah’s truth with human lies just as oil and water -- don’t mix.

Do you know what these “Churches” (these “Circes” named after the Great Whore) have as identifying signs to show they are a “church”? For almost a millennium they have had a steeple or spire placed on top of their buildings of worship. In Europe near the start of the Crusades, people learned to make such spires and put them on places of worship to mimic the minarets of the Muslims from which the Musseins (the men in the tower) would call the faithful of Islam to prayer. However, not preferring the human voice to call the faithful as in Islam, Europeans put bells (that is, Baals) in their newly created spires and called them “belltowers.” And why did they come to a point on top? This was to indicate that this was a tower that had the appearance of reaching up to heaven. Such a pointed shape at the top gave the illusion of a tower vanishing into the heavens and that people can attain heaven by coming into the place of the tower.

In the Bible, however, the first time people on the earth wanted to make a tower that looked like it reached to heaven, God got angry with them. He came down, confused their language, and scattered people to all areas of the world for their rebellion to Him in raising such a tower (Genesis 11:1-9). But about a thousand years ago, forgetting all about the warnings in Genesis of God’s condemnation, Christians began to raise up such towers all over the Christian world.

Christianity learned this practice of raising towers over churches from Muslims who then represented the apex of modern, sophisticated society. In the Muslim world at the time it was fashionable to erect such towers with each Mosque, and Christians in Europe wanted to be modern like the advanced Arab society. They began to do the same thing as the Muslims, although Christians usually put their towers on top of churches or cathedrals. Where did Muslims get the practice? It is known that most Muslim architecture was copied from the Great Mosque of Damascus that can be proved once to have been a Roman temple to the pagan gods.

And remember, though Muslims themselves preached the shunning of making idols or pictures of God, Mohammed could not dissuade the Arab tribes (especially the Koreish who controlled Mecca) from worshipping toward the black meteorite stone called the Ka'aba which had been an idolatrous object of Arab folk for centuries. Unable to dissuade them from worshipping that stone or praying toward it, Mohammed came up with an ingenious idea. Because he fell out of sympathy with the Jews, and to win over the Koreish tribe, Mohammed ordered all Muslims to stop praying toward Jerusalem, and bow down and pray toward that idol five times a day as a cardinal teaching of their faith.

Now, Satan laughs at Muslims (who think they oppose idolatry) by having them pray five times daily to that ancient idol of the early Arabs. All Muslims are in utter idolatry and they show it five times a day. Muslims mean well but they are as uneducated and ignorant in this matter as Christians are in their profuse practices involving idolatry today. Satan is very sly in getting people to think that their righteousness and their religious ways are right, when they are as wrong as can be.

Yes, even Muslims are greatly deceived, and this applies to their adoption of towers near their mosques. But where did the Muslims get their basic design for their mosques and minarets (towers)? As mentioned before, it was basically from the great Roman (pagan) temple at Damascus. But why should anyone want to raise up towers in the first place in association with places of religious worship? The use of towers stemmed from the practice in early Egypt of erecting obelisks as sacred shrines or monuments near or at places of worship. Almost all of them are displayed as long, erect, and normally with a type of point or pyramid on top like our steeples and spires. But why have such towers?

Classical history is clear on this matter. When the Egyptian God Osiris was killed and dismembered with body parts scattered around the country, the Goddess Isis (his sister and wife) sent messengers to gather the body parts together for a proper burial of Osiris. They were successful in discovering all the parts of the body except the penis. They looked all over for it, but it was never found. So what did Isis do? She erected various kinds of obelisks always erect and upright in a type of penis-form to remind the people to look for Osiris’ lost penis. To not let them forget it, she erected numerous obelisks (penis-like monuments) at the main places of Egyptian worship. The Egyptians gave the practice to the Greeks and then it came to the Romans. The Romans transported to Rome some Egyptian obelisks for their own worship purposes. One is now in the center of Vatican City, prominently erected there as pretty as you please.

Following the example of the Egyptian Goddess Isis, the practice of raising obelisks in the form of spires and towers continued throughout the pagan world with various types being used. Often their designs were subtlety changed to hide the actual meaning of the obelisk. 14

Let us go further. Look at the word “pinnacle”? It does not come from the word “wing,” though it became associated with a “feather” because feathers provided “pens” (that is, a type of “pencil”) for people to write with. The word “pinnacle” has a similar origin. Pinnacles are simply another indication of upright penises. And, believe it or not, if you look up the early use of the word “prick” in the exhaustive Oxford Dictionary, you will find that five hundred years ago people customarily referred to pinnacles as pricks even in normal non-gutter language. The Dictionary even shows one translation of the New Testament that Satan took Christ to the “prick of the Temple” in order to throw Him down.

By the way, there were no standing towers or spires in the Temple at Jerusalem. The word translated “pinnacle” in the King James Version actually meant an “arm of the Temple” (Matthew 4:5). And since it was quite common a few centuries ago to refer to the steeples and spires on churches and cathedrals as “pricks,” I frankly think they should be called by this name today. At least people would then begin to understand what these steeples represent. As a matter of fact, at some of the eastern European churches, the architects became bolder. They left the top of the steeple globular, which is more penis-like in shape than the pointed pencil-like spire of our western churches and cathedrals. Yes, symbolic penises now identify and adorn our “church” buildings.

With this brief overview I hope that you begin to understand how Satan the Devil uses his subtle ways to deceive the world. He laughs at God every day a church is built with an erect penis on top to identify it. God calls such structures a sign of the Great Whore called “Circe” from whence we get our name “Church.” Why do they want such a sign to be there? It does not keep off the rain. It has no function. It is there because it identifies that the building is a “church.” God, however, identifies it with something else. He sees it as the original penis-sign erected by the Goddess Isis as a place of worship for the pagans who were to look for the lost penis of the Egyptian God Osiris.

Some may say that such signs today have lost all their original meaning and no one any more thinks of a steeple or spire as an erect penis. That is true, and that is how Satan deceives “the many” of which Christ spoke. People today are so ignorant and uneducated that they do not know their erection of a steeple and spire over a church is their erection of the Isis penis-sign. But, do not churches do much good for society and should we not excuse them for their ignorance of the origin of their signs? Indeed, I wholeheartedly agree that much good is done by churches today, but Satan the Devil also practices “good” 99% of the time for the benefit of his societies. It is his mixing in 1% of religious strychnine that poisons the whole thing. This is the problem.

But let us forget for a moment how we humans view these symbolic matters. While Christians today show an indifference to these corruptions, God the Father and Christ Jesus are not ignorant of the meaning of these penis-signs and other such abominations in our churches. They are well aware of what these profligate signs mean. Satan laughs at so-called righteous Christians over their stupidity in erecting such penis-signs over their churches.

Really, should God and Christ be subjected to view such pagan idolatry when they look down from heaven on the worship services of their people? Why should they have to view these heathen corruptions adorning our Christian church buildings? It is outrageous that when God and Christ want to observe their people assembling for worship, they find them each Sunday or Sabbath under the upright penis (or penises) that Satan had them erect over their churches. And Christians today show not the slightest shame in their actions. This indicates just how deceived Christians have become.

This corruption, however, not only involves God and Christ viewing these obscene signs from the ancient world, what about all of us who know these historical and biblical truths? Why, every time my wife goes to buy groceries, she passes three churches that have those erect penises identifying them. She knows what they signify. The least the ministers of those churches could do is to put some kind of covering over their penis-signs to hide them from the sight of my wife and the general public. Should our wives and children be subject to such indecency? Our intellectuals know this to be the case and are well aware of these ancient sex symbols.

As an example of this, Newsweek magazine for December 13, 1993 had an article (with a photograph) of the citizens of Paris, France placing a gigantic condom over the obelisk from Egypt located in the Place de la Concorde (which is like the obelisk in Vatican City). It was to commemorate the promotion of World AIDS Day and remind homosexuals to use safe sex. The intellectuals in France are well aware of what that obelisk sign from Egypt means. It is time that Christian ministers and priests were honest enough with the general public to put the same kind of sheath over the penis-signs on the top of their churches. At least then, all people would then know what those steeples represent.

Really though, can you see why God calls our religious societies today “Mystery, Babylon the Great”? He calls them “Mystery” (or “Secret”) because people today are so ignorant and uninformed that Satan has even the most religious Christians thinking these disgusting and obscene signs on the tops of their churches, and the equally offensive signs within them are actually holy, righteous and proper. 16

Yet in spite of this present idolatry adorning our churches, all too many church leaders (ministers, preachers, and priests) have the nerve to call themselves “New Covenant Churches.” That is fine, let them do so. But God says that the New Covenant is made only with the nations of Israel and Judah (Jeremiah 31:31–34). So, here are these “covenant churches” with rampant idolatry overflowing, acting like the Israel and Judah of old who God said were classic examples of first-class whores (Ezekiel 23).

A Heavenly Fable

Let me give you a present day fictional scenario using an example of an event mentioned in the Old Testament. When God today calls a council in heaven of His Sons with all the angels and including Satan the Devil, they all dialogue with one another. This is just like when Satan came to God’s heavenly council in the time of Job 1:6–12 and 2:1–6. God no doubt still asks Satan where has he been. Satan would tell God he had been going throughout the earth. God would then ask Satan if he noticed the humans on earth who were His sons and daughters?

Satan would then answer God.

“Yes, I have been witnessing the people you call your very own sons and daughters, and they are so ignorant and stupid that I have them worshiping you in the most disgusting ways imaginable. I have them all meeting in ‘churches’ named after the Great Whore of Revelation. I have them assembling where they can find upright and erect penises {Do your own study on church steeples}over the churches. And when they go in their churches, I have them placing Zeus with his longhair in a prominent position and I get them to call this image of Zeus by the name ‘Jesus.’ - Long hair was a shame according to Paul’s inspired teaching of truth in 1 Corinthians 11:14 – yet billions worship a long haired Zeus along with images making Christ to look gay or as some transvestite wimp. Please give me a break from such stupidity!! After all, is not Elohim’s truth written for all true believers on this planet earth?But who out of billions actually sacrifices their life just to learn that truth?

“I have them teaching the doctrine of the Immortality of the Soul which you stated in the Bible is wrong. I have them worshiping you with the false doctrine of the Trinity. I have them congregating on the pagan days of the ancient world which they now call Easter and Christmas (with other heathen days and customs they call 'Christian festivals'), when you have said not to learn the way of the heathen. I have given them religious ceremonies that they call Christian, worship which originated with the pagans that you always condemned and told them not to use. I have them reading from Bibles with an order of biblical books completely opposite to your original manuscript design from the apostles. This false design brings utter confusion in understanding true biblical doctrines.

“That is what I have your sons and daughters doing who are supposed to be members of your divine Family. I have done this deceit while your sons and daughters believe my deceptions are righteous, holy, and good. Elohim, you have let me do it and I believe I have done a jolly good job.”

After hearing Satan’s report from earth, God would answer Satan and admit that he has indeed deceived the world. But God would then remind Satan that there is a remnant of God’s people that knows better and eschews such evil, and that He is soon to give them the power to reveal the truth of these religious corruptions to the whole world. The reason God would tell Satan of this coming change in society is because it is prophesied in the Bible. For us there is hope. Indeed, God and Christ have called you and me to know this truth beforehand. He has selected us to help pave the way for this new reformation.


Have you yet digested this very sad truth just read that well covers the entire Newsweek article?Most all will not while seeing only foolishness to the natural mind as written in 1 Corinthians 2:14.

What Kurt Eichenwald, the author wrote speaking cruel words and calling Christians frauds, does indeed shine a very bright light on nothing but truth regarding this world of believers who fully abuse biblical fact; and what that means is this world of Christians in no way study to show themselves approved unto Elohim Almighty who their lips claim to love, nor do they in any way live His commanded way of life while leaving a very bad taste of religion through their actions against many living their life filled with hardships – and it’s because hundreds of millions of believers in great religious institutions called churches praise our Father through his human title being God in satanic buildings through their prideful, selfish and arrogant actionswhile showing absolutely zero personal care with zero genuine concern in any way for those in needall around them no matter how great their hunger and basic necessities may be ---therefore have always been a cause of great misery for many worldwide; and it’s because rather than being the loving and obedient believers who love others as they love themselves being the equal greatest commandment through always reaching out by showing our Fathers true and genuine love filled with great compassion, they all walk the human walk while talking the religious talk through being totally self-righteous in their own corrupted minds speaking many empty and meaningless sound good words of love this world of believers are filled with; and I have been hearing those words from hypocrites much through these past 8 years while always being left in misery because none really cares in any wayPeriod.

Jeremiah 5:21 aims words at believers not believed.    Jeremiah 5:31 is precise, exact and distinct truth.

Jeremiah 6:13-15 is more absolute fact shunned.Jeremiah 6:19 is a coming promise also eluded.

‘Newsweek’s exploration here of the Bible’s history and meaning is not intended to advance a particular theology or debate the existence of God. Rather, it is designed to shine a light on a book that has been abused by people who claim to revere it but don’t read it, in the process creating misery for others. What to expect when walking with God is one hard life being totally opposite of what all shepherds and this world of false teachers will have believers to believe as long as you pay them unbiblical funds for their pride and bellies – because if you don’t, they tell you the lie of how you will burn in hell which does not exist as falsely taught; and Elohim has been giving my wife and I many experiences through false brethren these past eight years; yet regardless of our circumstance, we endure and keep our faith because we see our hardship as a blessing of experiences while knowing just how life for all on this earth will become mega times worse being the hardest struggles humans have ever had to face through all ways of great suffering ever since our beginning.

Are you in any way whatsoever aware of just how much time, self-sacrifice, affliction in many ways, and years upon years with great efforts fueled by faith is required to seek our creator according to His instruction being as foolishness to the natural mind? Know that all that I share has come through about 25 years of private studies along with years being experiences upon experiences through this world of extremely cold hearted and very selfish religious hypocrites who covet their own wants with absolutely zero care, concern, pity or compassion for the many with needs all around them; yet their false words filled with lip love and no more have revealed them all according to their fruitless ways which they shall all greatly pay for when in distress and the fires of tribulation. John 15:6, Proverbs 1:26-28, Isaiah 26:21, etc., etc., etc.

Psalms 33:17-21 speaks strongly on God’s mercy, and Romans 9:15-18 just tells it like it truly is. So ask yourself this, what do I actually do as instructed to please Elohim whom my lips claim to love? Is being disobedient through pagan and selfish ways pleasing for His mercy when I find myself hungry, sick, in panic, and suffering mentally, physically and spiritually as America’s great violence under totally corrupted rule sheds much blood during world chaos and great affliction? What makes an American Christian any better than anyone else out of the seven plus billion in our misled civilization?

During those perilous times, Elohim shall supply only those He chooses,and in the same measure as they supplied to others. So speaks scripture in many ways many times. Know also that I have never in my life of 60 years become a church member; therefore through these many years of living on faith while seeing this world of Christians as Elohim sees them all, I have become totally disassociated with all human religions, ways, beliefs, and traditions while looking only to our Father for direction continually as instructed – and want nothing more than other believers in Elohim's small flock who walk the walk while always seeking their daily path from our Father as written Proverbs 3:5-6; therefore if Yehovah ever has a place of use for my wife and I -- we have nothing to hold us back if it be His will.

Through many years writing biblical truth, I spent about one year writing a 474 page book ‘Message for This Entire Human Race’ that was published in September 2012, yet never had many reviews or sold; therefore I just take it as another part of my spiritual education. Message For This Entire Human Race

I also now have 14 free websites, and have written well over a thousand lengthy biblical based blogs in Experience Project on the realities of this world all religions.  In true2ourselves being a religious sight filled with babes and hypocrites, I had well over 500 blogs with 105,000 views out of many other sites I have been posting for years ---yet the most I have ever received from other believers are well described in scripture on Christian actions making them as frauds when compared to Elohim’s written instruction; and it’s all because their human ways of life verses spiritual direction through the Bible are far too much for this world of religious sluggards to digest, so their milk diet is where they all remain as babes not even willing to examine themselves. Elohim directs and warns, but believers get their comfort through this world of shepherds, prophets, and all false teachers of every title.

So what exactly according to our Father’s instruction becomes of this world of believers who talk the talk without walking the commanded walk while taking part in all the man made religions, doctrines and traditions? What you are about to read are the most serious words regarding your relationship with Yehovah Elohim, but not believed.

Isaiah 59:1-4 speaks major deep truth ignored.Isaiah 54:7-8 gives warning believers refuse because it sounds so impossible,that it’s not possible.  But they shall remember their warning through these following words when it is them crying out to Elohim who will not hear:

Lamentations 3:6-10, 31-34, 43-45 is more rejected truth as mentioned above, and backed with much scripture for disobedient believers as part of their coming punishment; and Matthew 16:2-4 gives partial reason of their blindness, but is also rejected because believers pick and choose what seems best as in smooth, pleasing and uplifting – besides that, all they know is by grace they have been saved minus the requirements for making their salvation eternal. Hebrews 5:9

Jeremiah chapter 11 gives more truth for all believers this day, yet most all being 99.9%have no idea of exactly who Israel is and exactly who Judah is, but you will learn as you keep reading if your hearts intent wants Elohim’s truth.

What you have just read in the scriptures above are but a fraction of strong warnings with reason why for all Israel being in different locations everywhere on this planet earth,but extremely divided in their beliefs through uncountable religions with the beginning of sorrows [suffering] written in Matthew 24:4-14almost fully in place for bringing 31/2 years of much unexpected affliction followed with 31/2 years great tribulation and wrath as Elohim’s coming punishment upon a rebellious human race which has never learned His truth from Israel failing to follow as directed ever since He spoke to them at Mt. Sinai – yet the Israelites said they would be obedient just as this world of Christian frauds and hypocrites living as they choose with absolutely zero self-sacrifice as revealed in these following words. . .

Jeremiah 3:25 is truth about this world of Christians.   Jeremiah 6:19 is clear warning of great suffering.                                                      

Proverbs 1:5-7 explains who hears, and who hears not.Proverbs 1:22-32 is how Elohim sees the multitude of believers, and he shall laugh at their calamities because they all rejected truth.

It’s not hard to see how Yehovah’s words of instruction for this world of believers with warning are totally unheard, omitted, overlooked, shunned, avoided, and eschewed -- thus unknown in this very deceived human race just as written in Revelation 12:8-9 and many more verses all through the Bible with subjects on the spirit of error, disobedience, pride, arrogance, to covet, and having many gods before Him being anything and everything earthly having priority over Him.

So what is the difference between those chosen and this world of Christian believers who mean well, but have been misled by shepherds worldwide just as our Bible clearly states over and over in many books? Are you knowledgeable on exactly who those few being a little flock as written in Luke 12:32 actually are? They are firstfruits because they put no trust in man or themselves while looking only to their Head Yeshua, who looks only to His Father Yehovah as an example all believers are to follow.

Read on for the true meaning of who is the Chaste Virgin of the 144,000.

Revelation 3:4-5 speaks of born again virgins walking the walk, rather than this world filled with born again frauds talking the same old religious talk with no more I have been experiencing for years.Revelation 3:10-12 speaks of the same obedient being as the wise virgins as in Matthew 25.

Revelation 14:4-5 with John 15:19 teach what is not taught in any worldly religions, but all religions will deny this truth – even though they reek with fruits of self centered darkness, and with reason being that Elohims truth is not of this world;

Therefore none, no, not one knows the difference between the few and the many – with the few willing to lay their life down unto death.

Revelation 12:11 shows the power of great faith with verse 12 being a grave warning for all on earth, however, just as all unsmooth verses, it’s not heard by this world of believers as if they are saved, snatched and above all other civilization worldwide. Ah, gimmie a break as billions greatly suffer always!

Notice that these virgins are also considered to be 'without fault' in Yehovah's eyes — not because they are without sin, but because they do two things:

They actively exercise their priestly duty of confessing any sins, and then they verbally sprinkle the Blood of Messiah over those confessed sins.

They endeavor to walk in obedience to ‘all’ -not just what they choose - of Yeshua's Words inspired by Yehovah, John 8:28b as a testimony - Matthew 12:33-37,1John 1:7-10, Exodus 24:6-8, Hebrews 9:19-22, 12:24, 1Peter 1:2.

What you just read describe how the overcomers are to overcomethe god of this world, but sadly Elohim is not pleased with the actions of all who have been overcome and live forthemselves in worldly ways having no knowledge or being prepared for what lies ahead for us all on this earth.

Who can possibly be as a virgin out of billions of believers worldwide having and enjoying sex?

These most urgent, serious, vital and essential words from Revelation 18 are amongst the most authoritative with instruction and warning this entire world of Christians and believers have absolutely zeroed understanding of, and it’s because billions of religious fanatics loving the doctrines and traditions of man are in no way going to just flat out head for the door and never return while leaving their congregations behind as dust in the wind [Kansas} – yet there is no other way of escape because this entire world of worldly Christians and religious individuals have been deluded, outwitted, duped and entrapped with no way out – because they have been defiled, rather than remaining as virgins unspotted as made clear. . .

But those being few who walk the commanded walk have not become defiled by the prophetic strange women, the harlot congregations worldwide and their teachings, "which forsaketh the guide of her youth, and forgetteth the covenant of her Elohim [the ten commandments]" Proverbs 2:17, Exodus 34:28, Deuteronomy 4:1.

In the Revelation 14:4-5 passages, you read that these firstfruits are considered virgins, and it’s because they have been 'Born-Again' through their obedient loving actions Elohim views, rather than the meaningless words from all titles of Christians and religious hypocrites worldwide who talk the talk while totally ignoring, rejecting, and fleeing from Yeshua’s words in Luke 6:46, Matthew 22:37-40, 25:31-46, and James 2:14-20 plus much more scripture on what believers actions towards others ought to be always – but as their replacement comes their own selfish ways, their pagan holidays, and complete disobedience --- so how can Yehovah possibly be spiritually birthed within them?

In Revelation 7:4-8, the twelve tribes of Israel are spoken of. And with 14:1-5 they can easily be seen as the 144,000. And this link their locations according to scripture.

Revelation 7:9, 13-14 has some confusing verses for many, and multitudes of others feel they know, such as the big lie being the man-made snatching away rapture tail. . .

For any believer wanting a commentary on any verses in the Bible, such as Revelation 7:9 and 14, all you will basically find is the same old same old with different views saying that multitude was raptured when there is no such word in the entire Bible. But when through decades of wanting only our Father to reveal truth, He sometimes does it directly, and other times through body parts of Yeshua being of the few actually following their head. And what can been learned is so different from what this world filled with religious hypocrites believe, and backed with scripture, that makes it true. So rather than me adding many more pages upon pages which would have no end, study chapters 11-13 in then read the entire book as I have more than once.

And know I am not in full agreement with everything he writes on Israel, Jews and gentiles – however I do see a book filled with truths this world of religions have never been taught. So if you really want an excellent study being different from this world filled with deceived believers, you have found it – even though he seems to avoid his own written scripture from Matthew 22:36-40 and 25:31-46 which makes him no different than this world filled with Christian frauds when loving others with deed becomes the issue. As far as what I am not in agreement within his book, I could be wrong, then again I may be one hundred percent right – and Yehovah will place me in the right direction because my only life twenty four hours of each day belongs to Him.

Elohim’s realm is totally unknown to this world’s seven plus billion inhabitants because the realm of God is spiritual, therefore not of this world.

So exactly what does that mean for the 3.5 billion believers through all different religions, titles, doctrines, traditions and beliefs worldwide?

. . .yet with dead faith and icy cold freezing hearts being their way as spoken in James 2:14-17, 20 accompanied with many more verses on loving others all through the Bible that believers completely shun, andit’s because their coveted quarter being kept to themselves is most important.

And that is the supreme power of the psychological deceptive mind control Satan holds over all who have not overcome him as the god of this world, prince and power of the air, and father of lies all believe.

When it comes right down to our entire civilization filled with ‘False Christians’, it’s because they all put trust in themselves and man rather than following Elohims instruction for life, and their result is according to Elohim’s accuracy on exactly how He views them in scripture below.

What does Elohim speak regarding this world of worldly believers?

Job 15:15-16 and Psalms 14:2-3 is description on exactly how Elohim feels and views all worldly saints; and for any wanting to give themselves to only our creator, there are many true stories all through the Bible that teach a very hard walk believers have yet to grasp. Read 1 Samuel 15 while taking Saul’s personal command as any command our Father gives you – that is rejected. Can you grasp your outcome? Or was Elohim, through Samuel, speaking to only Saul in verse 23as this world of shepherds will tell you? Read the chapter yourself with special attention to verses 11-29, and then examine yourself again and again until you can begin in gaining spiritual knowledge towards walking the commanded walk as instructed – rather than rejecting the walk as this world of lip loving frauds are so very good at doing.

So what exactly has already come upon believers as the many being multitudes in the billions? Isaiah 59:1-2written on page 9 is your first major answer being this world of believer’scompletely unknown separation from Elohim, who their speech claims to love.And what shall come upon this world of those disobedientliving not as instructed while being filled with iniquity?  - All that is required to see this planet as God sees are just open eyes with an open mind that accepts the reality of the way things truly are through massive pollution, wars, crime, violence, diseases, starvation, rapes, child abuse, human slavery, pornography, homeless refugees, drugs supplied by world leaders being the most profitable along with massive corruption in all organizations worldwide regardless of their title; and that means religions are included being worst of the worst because it’s a multibillion dollar business through selling their lies to worldly inhabitants that are glad to pay for what is not as written in the words all believers are to live by.

Daniel 9:13-14 speaks more truth believers shun as if coming upon any but them. Isaiah 64:6-7 says how Elohim shall hide from this world of hypocrites just as written twice in Lamentations 3.

 Ezekiel 5:16-17 and Isaiah 6:10-12 speak of events only for believers wanting realities truth while having no part in this world overflowing with human doctrines and traditions billions actually believe, follow and give themselves to being as uncountable false gods. Now read Revelation 6:9-10 with notice of the question, “How long”having a more detailed answer what you just read.More foolishness from this world filled with Christians refusing truth on their own future as written?

Job 8:13-17 warns all unprepared believersof their coming timeduring great afflictionMatthew 24:4-14 followed by major world chaos,15-28, andwhen they shall lean upon their spiritual house for support -- only to find it has been built upon faulty ground and filled with many tares asneeded education for us all. Read Matthew 13:1-52 not just once, but over and over just as all written spiritual knowledge within our Book of Instruction not followed by this world of believers having words with praise and no more.

Lamentations 4:13 speaksof iniquity in all of today’s shepherds worldwide, and so does scripture upon scripture upon more scripture being pure truth against all prideful religious titles billions shun; and it’s because the mysteries of Elohim’s kingdom are known to only those it has been revealed; therefore shepherds know not truth of themselves according to Elohim’s own words against them all.So what exactly does that mean for billions of believers who put trust in man? Your blood shall be shed through blindness of all Elohim has instructed because the blind cannot lead the blind, nor can they be told of what they cannot see because of pride being their god.

Matthew 9:36-38 and Ezekiel 34 reads truth not taught: and the words in Matthew 15:13-14 tell why.

Say that your saved, forgiven, have no transgression which is iniquity, and have been healed by His stripes just as multitudes of others living on but one verse in Isaiah 53:5 with all the human twists to make it sound smooth and uplifting?

Billions of believer’s worldwide honour, believe in, or associate with two of the greatest pagan holidays on this planet being Christmas and Easter along with countless more in America and worldwide which are iniquity.  What’s even more sad is the hundreds of millions who believe in some fairy tale manmade rapture not even written in the words they all are to live by – but with preachers and teachers false little corrupted mind bending words - multitudes believe human lies telling them Yehovah is going to snatch them away from coming great suffering – or their belief that Elohim runs an eternal torture chamber known as hell – or the trinity doctrine which has for sure blinded billions from Elohim’s truth -- and what’s added are their very selfish ways which makes them as murderers and liars in the eyes of our Father according to His own words they all just completely reject  – and to top off all believers darkness is the fact being none obey ‘all’ the Commandments.

Regardless of who you think that you are, what your Sabbath day is, what feasts and appointed high days you honour, or any other thought on self-righteousness – what is completely lacking in all believers worldwide is Elohims commanded love for others through deed rather than the billions who only use the word love as a prideful cover lie; the time is now for you todo some serious thinking, and not to become as a firstfruit which takes years and years and years of effort, while still feeling unworthy through being contrite, but rather Yehovah’s greatly needed mercy to make your life and loved ones a life of survival allowing you into the millennial kingdom to live the rest of your existence without human rule which has always been a lie.

Just become as one of the few out of billions that thoroughly examine themselves through scripture, faith, sacrifice, and looking to our Father always to be your only guide while making Proverbs 2:1-6 followed by 3:5-6 your only way of life with no other – spiritually speaking.

Everything I speak about shepherds and believers actions going against Elohim - can be and has been - proven by scripture with nothing lacking.

Through years and years of writings using verses that this world of believers not only don’t believe, but despise me with great scorn - Proverbs 1:22 - for writing what they don’t want to hear while calling me a judge; therefore without warning for believers, His fierce anger is coming upon the United States, and all rebellious nations claiming God while being frauds. Want another preview of your future as in Leviticus? Deuteronomy 28:15-66 is what can be expected, so read the words as being personal and directly to you as a disobedient believer while asking yourself -- how well will I be able to handle the lowest form of existence while lacking God’s mercy? Always remember Romans 9:18 while looking at yourself in the same way as our Father.Hebrews 4:12-13, Ecclesiastes 12:13-14, Jeremiah 17:9-13, 1 Samuel 2:3

Christian love our Father commands over and over and over is because He expects it as directed from all true and sincere believers where it does not exist; and the very few verses you read below are as nothing when compared to all Elohim’s words on love and all unrighteous ways towards others.

1 John 3:13-18 are some of the most important words believers completely shun and reject while having no understanding of the word murderer.

1 John 4:7-8 directs what believers miss and omit.1 John 4:20-21is authentic fact not understood, yet all believers will say that is not true because they love brethren and fellow believers – until that ask for a crumb that cannot be spared – that’s love? No, it’s a liar.

Have you made the spiritual connection from what you just read? Notice the underlined word murderers, and then go back to 1 John 3:15 along with the liars in 4:20

 John 13:34 is a commandment believers omit.     John 15:11-14is more instruction disregarded.

Ephesians 5:1-6 instructs our proper walk with a warning skipped over by billions through their hard hearted selfish ways, pagan holidays, human doctrines, worshiping false gods being earthly material possessions , wrong day Sabbaths, judging others, etc.

Do you consider yourself as a true believer? Do you follow detailed instruction in the words all claim to live by, or don’t need to live by because grace has saved them? And never forget that our heavenly Father knows your every thought according to what has been written in your heart; therefore absolutely nothing can ever be hid –no matter how minute, tiny and invisible it may be.

James 1:22-24 plainly tells believers their deceived walk.James 2:14-17 shares more despisedtruth.

James 2:19-20repeats strong meat of the word withJames 2:26 adding still more, yet this world of very selfish believers without works  just prefer their dead faith even though Hebrews 11:6 below sheds more unwanted truth.

First of all what deeply troubles me is the way this world of Christians and other believers possess so many smiles, so many loving words of kindness, beautiful websites, heartfeltmusic, wonderful  praise,mega blogs filled with pictures, flowers and whatever whilegiving great sums in unbiblical tithes, love offerings and donations for many different causes, while at the same time walking, talking, living, and existing in total disobedience without even putting forth the time with effort to examine themselves according to the Book of Instruction they all have been commanded to live by leaving them all as mega hypocrites.

Read below about self-examination. Reprobate in the KJV verse means one who has failed the test; therefore is rejected being unworthy and unacceptable as impure silver with Jeremiah 6:28-30 speaking a truth regarding believers this world of frauds have zero knowledge of; and it’s all because shepherds worldwide feed not their sheep as written in not only Ezekiel 34 withwords believers don’t acknowledge, but many more books with truth so strong against pastors,  that this world of babes on milk have no idea of their meaning because of shepherds twist -- or they just remain silent so as not to cause damage upon their pride which goes before destruction. Proverbs 16:18

      2 Corinthians 13:5-8

Jeremiah 6:28-30 tells exactly how Elohim views believers with Isaiah 26:20-21 speaking on the few and the many during His promise ofworldwide punishment. But as usual being nothing new, this world of fraudulent hypocrites deeply despises truth and who delivers it, just as Yeshua has been telling me for years and years through scripture with many experiences making them very strong and true words as written. Yet I run the race set before me with patiencejust as Paul in Hebrews 12.

Second is the great love for children worldwide that my wife and I both possess deep in our hearts through always wanting to help many when we can’t even help ourselves; and the greatest heartbreak of all is knowing this world filled with a billion children that have no idea of the massive calamities coming upon them all in full force through these coming years while only getting worse and worse to the point of being nothing but a most gruesome nightmare brought to life; and sadly with no escape from all the mental and physical anguish leaving them nothing but tears and fears in total darkness filled with hunger, panic, abuse, diseases, major calamities, bloodshed, suffering and death all around them: and the greatest killer of all is the fact being todays totally worthless preachers, mom, dad, grandpa and grandma, aunts, uncles, friends, piersand who they love, trust, depend on, look up to, follow and worship told them absolutely nothingnor gave them any warning of their own coming destiny; therefore they also are within the same darkness because of their arrogant pride, rebellious hearts and stupidity through acceptance of false teaching viarefusing the only soundbiblical truth that could have spared them so much agony and suffering through gaining God’s mercy upon them as clearly shownmanyverses below that I share through years and years of study with zero life other than Elohim’s will.

These children below are but few of the uncountable living in ways other poor kids in greater nations could never relate to in any way because. . .

They have no toys, no television, no electricity, no regular meals, no decent clothes, no bedroom, no bathroom, no sink, and in truth --- no real life—Period. Yet when my wife and I can help others – no matter how small – we just do it with joy upon sorrow that we cannot do more than give breads and a 100 peso once in a while. -

Loving, giving, caring and showing compassion towards others is what Elohim expects from all genuine believers worldwide. Is the person you see in the mirror pleasing our eternal Father, or just the reflection?

Being my wife is a 4th grade teacher, children are everything to her – yet sadly due her health, she needs just stop at 42 – thus ending our massive $75-$100 monthly income while leaving us in a major mess; yet nothing new which keeps us struggling just as billions of others on this misruled planet; however our greatest advantage is faith, prayer, sacrifice, patience, and knowing our Father will provide when He is ready.  As bad sickening and horrible as child abuse actually is worldwide, not to mention the massive human suffering of all ages through crime, rapes, disease, genocide, war, rebel violence and uncountable atrocities, you would think this world of believers would see all things regarding human life in the opposite way they all think and have been falsely taught; and when the worst timesoftrouble comes upon us all in ways Elohim clearly warns, humans shall learn what they thought could never happen to them the hard way during massive affliction, great tribulation or Yehovah’swrath depending on their actions. What are most serious are the hundreds of million believers who think they will be snatched away from suffering in the manmade rapture-tail whilebillions of children have always suffered greatly in many ways – must be religious frauds are better than anyone else.

Zephaniah 2:1-3 speaks words regarding safety and protection for obedient believers that Satan in no way wants you to know. So what does he do? The devil as a professional without fault in ways of deception dating back millions of years as the father of liesputs your mind at ease into rejecting sickening truth regarding not only your own coming future, but thedestiny of all your loved ones.

Once you have read the first words in the scripture below with trust through faith – you will without doubt want God’s mercy for protection with safety during the worst timesoftrouble coming upon this entire human race.

 Psalms 33:18-22   Psalms 41  Psalms 27:5

Psalms 9:9  Psalms 12:5  Psalms 57:1-2

Psalms 61:3 Psalms 4:8  Psalms 32:7-10

Psalms 91- Read all 16 verses. Proverbs 1:22-33 is a warning with a promise for all believers in these end times. 2 Chronicles 30:8 commands all believers to yield themselves to our Father Elohim, and if believers choose not – you can read for yourself what comes upon you.More foolishness?

 Job chapter 5 has much to speak on who gains safety and who greatly suffers.

To be not of this world means just that; therefore I have never in 60 years been spiritually involved with any worldly religions, have never once had fellowship, and have never in my entire life had a genuine brother, sister, actually walking the walk, or known any seeking Elohims spiritual realm through years of obedient struggles while having zero trust in man. As for me, my separation from this world’s religions was because our Father has kept me alone in life so that when the time began for my direct  teaching in 2007, there was no corrupted mind making me un-teachable to hold me back from learning only what He taught.

All major religions this day are nothing but bits and pieces of valid doctrine with no full truths – while also having much to sell as a den of thieves.  However, even though great truths sometimes come through various religious business organizations called churches large or small - or private individuals, Satan adds his touch of strychnine which builds egotistical pride as in knowing all things, and removes all possible love, care, compassion, pity and feelings for others in need that makes them all to mentally covet their own bellies through greed – thus leaving them as nothing to our Father according to His own words in 1 Corinthians 13 having 13 verses not understood and not lived by.

All those being many in 1 Corinthians 13:1-3 are as nothing without love towards others, regardless of their surface actions not found within their heart, and being we are all sinners, having genuine love with compassion for others shall cover the multitude of our sins. 1Peter 4:81 John 4:8

John 14:21 - Billions will say they love our Father while doing nothing as he directs. Look at this world of believers completely divided, having no unity, no genuine love, and paying unbiblical tithes in the churches where Satan dwells worldwide; and all shepherds will say, well how else can I eat, live and pay my bills? Well look at what Paul suffered throughout decades while doing what he was called to do. Who supplied Elijah in 1 Kings 17:8-16? Without going deep into all the life of all individuals Elohim called to use for His purpose, it was to do His will, live on faith, and to make many sacrifices. Yes we are to give, but not to feed shepherds bellies walking in darkness through pride and being very selfish, but we are to give with joy to those in need. Through my past eight years, I have always been spreading my resume worldwide while wanting to do major engine repairs, or weld – but when our Father allows not, we have no choice but fighting the fight of many hardships through faith which makes us strong. 2 Corinthians 12:7-12 – and just as any verse or verses, the whole chapter is best for context because 11:23-27 speaks much regarding his thorn. - Tithes

Revelation 2:13 makes clear there is nothing hidden.   Revelation 18 is one of the most important and valuable studies for these end times simply because billions of believers feel what’s spoken has nothing to do with them. Talk about religious deception!!

Ephesians 2:2-3 is some of the most clear and direct words to all believers, yet all believers have been so duped by the father of lies spirit, that they can be told absolutely nothing for their own good. 2 Corinthians 11:13-15 is more fact being such strong meat, that babes are not yet able to handle.

 Revelation 12:9-10 tells all what all refuse to believe; thus making it a perfect truth.                                                         2 Corinthians 4:3-4speaks what billions don’t hear, simply because they believe – but what they believe has been corrupted by the god of this world being the father of lies all believe, and all means all seven plus billion on this globe – less those few Luke 12:32 no longer of this world as overcomers rather than being overcome.

Hosea 10 tells all just as our creator sees this world of Christians with Ezekiel 2 KJV being perfect description of an end time lone messenger not heard and despised by this world of scorpions who believe only what they choose.

Why did Israel fail?

Deuteronomy 31:29 Deuteronomy 32:24-26

Just in brief, Israel was a people chosen by God – Elohim to become those who followed His instruction for life, thus being so covered in multiple blessings that all worldwide would want the same life for the same rewards of just an extreme happiness lacking nothing. But, because Israel had failed so miserably,

Yehovah gave them a bill of divorce, and what’s most sad is this world of believers not knowing who Israel is, who Judah is, how they have all played the harlot, and committed spiritual adultery – and just from those three verses, I could write a thousand page essay – but meat is not for babes – therefore all have not changed unto this day through disobedience with Proverbs chapter 1 being one authentic warning for them all.

Just look at this world filled with lies, greed, corruption,a ten billion pornography business, human trafficking being a 34 billion dollar business as the slave trade in humans, most commonly for the purpose of sexual slavery, forced labor, or for the extraction of organs and tissues,and added is major diseases, crime, rapes, child abuse, gulags, torture, mass starvation, polluted water, soil, air,a space junk yard in orbit, rebel violence destroying millions of lives, a major supply of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons custom made for reducing this population by the billions. . . and what’s added is the world controllers GMO foods, medicine, water and even many products which are purposely a hazard to good health, plus the New World Order total control all of the major media, major magazines,major religions, major television stations, major movies and sitcoms, cartoons, and even much of the music industry, plus much more beyond words with this link being very informative on the past and current ways of human psychological take over with much massive death and destruction now fully en route upon billions being fueled by the New World Order. / This link supplies a mass of extremely true information for all on this earth via thorough research having much to do with psychological mind control, images and much more of the best quality research; however, just as all believers, he is of this world being totally misled in spiritual ways he has zero knowledge of; therefore even though his works are excellent, none are given any understanding of what is coming upon them all with no way of escape.

Much read thus far may have some repeats, but what truly is cannot be repeated enough to awake this world from Sluggards Ville. Were you aware that ISIS is also a part of the NWO through the USAand other sources funding and supplying their needs? Back in 2005 when I worked as a welder in Iraq, and saw all the massive equipment and supplies in many locations from America being as useless dust in the wind {Kansas} – It was placed there to be left behind for the use of others while also draining billions from the unstable US economy – but no problem with fiat money.


Playing Telephone with the Word of God

No television preacher has ever read the Bible. Neither has any evangelical politician. Neither has the pope. Neither have I. And neither have you. At best, we’ve all read a bad translation—a translation of translations of translations of hand-copied copies of copies of copies of copies, and on and on, hundreds of times.


Would you care to know the absolute actuality of all the most misunderstood religious hated words just read along with what I have added since the start of this article? Well, you have been reading it through my extensive work in delivering a factual message of many truths directly from our creator while not only understanding Kurt’s words above, but being in full agreement because they are so very precise that this entire world of believers, scholars and individuals of all titles fail to believe them, and reason is because they follow not their book of instruction in spirit and truth, known as the Holy Bible.

Rather than quoting the entire section author Kurt Eichenwald shared information on about the Bible, being how manuscripts upon manuscripts, and translations upon translations becoming copies upon copies and more copies - I will just supply some in depth facts on the same subject which I have read many times with great interest.

Authority of the Bible as Written Autographs can be read in

I have been reading my KJV for 25 years, and by Elohim’s lead, during these past years,have come many other versions for study purposes, and just as countless others felt, the KJV was the best translation; yet through various studies and just feelings over twenty years ago, I could never place our heavenly Father as a god of eternal torture. I also never believed in the trinity simply because of John 1:1 with much more scripture speaking truth, even though human lies through additions such as 1 John 5:7 stated opposite, thus making the KJV no different than other Bibles having many different flaws. I also have known that all humans on earth have been saved before the worlds were even created, and that in God’s time ever knee would bow as written in Isaiah 45 -- which is very detailed in the link above along with many more subjects such as hell with specific word mistranslated never taught or discussed in this world of man-made religions.

Everything you read below has everything to do with what Newsweek author wrote above being words not believed nor understood by this world of so-called Christians.

The True Pronunciation of the Sacred Name

This link I share has only factual truth from extreme in-depth ancient studies on Elohim’s personal name being Yehovah; therefore considered a blessing because I have greatly searched, and reason is because it disagrees with the most popular personal names of Elohim being Jehovah and Yahweh; therefore even great biblical information supplied by devoted writers such as the link use not the same name as well taught in the link above. And the same is true when you read Best Version of the Bible on page 51, which truly is a most excellent writing.

Do you feel using the Hebrew pronunciation of YHVH is strange? We’re not believers challenged to find His name in Proverbs 30:4? Were you aware of the great rewards in Psalms 9:10 and 91:14?

Psalms 9:10 “Know thy name”                                      Psalms 91:14 “Know my name”

Do you know Elohim’s personal first name? The Creator Himself tells us what His Name is; and it is easy to identify in the original Hebrew of the Old Testament. But His Name has become clouded and confused by erroneous translations, corrupted manuscripts and Jewish tradition. Some say His Name is "God" or "LORD" -- but these are titles rather than personal names. Can we know, then, Elohim’s True Name?

The personal name of Father God is the four-letter word YHVH as clearly revealed in original Hebrew Scripture. YHVH is referred to by the term Tetragrammaton because it does not contain any vowels and nobody knows its exact pronunciation. Since Yahweh, and Jehovah are the most commonly accepted pronunciations of YHVH, many use them. Would you like to know what makes this particular study so very important? How would you feel if there were billions who claimed to love you, yet never even bothered to learn your name? So instead of becoming as a miner in seeking silver and hid treasure as directed in Proverbs 2, they just use man made titles as a sluggard in Proverbs 6:6 having nothing to do with who you truly are; and it’s because there are many gods and many lords all through the Bible.


Best Version of the Bible – Most Excellent Read


They have expanded it, con­densed it, made it thinner, more readable, easier to carry. They've put it on microfilm, movie film, cassette tape, CDs, DVDs and in Braille. No book in history has undergone so much transformation as the Bible. Man has translated Yahweh's Word into 1,884 languages and dialects. In the last 100 years no fewer than 120 differ­ent English translations have come off the printing press.


With the dizzying array out there you may feel totally lost. Which are the bet­ter English versions? Which are the most trustworthy? Most accurate? One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, which Bible do you use? Before you make a choice, realize that no translation is perfect. Each is shaded to some degree by the translator and his personal beliefs and biases. Some translations are better than others and more faithful to the text. We prefer a study Bible with the King James text simply because more references, including lexicons, concordances, and studies, are geared to the King James than any other Bible. But the KJV also has its own detractors.

In early days, special edition Bibles contained not only the New and Old testaments, but also a concordance, small dictionary, and copious commen­tary notes. Because these notes were usually biased, a man's religious persua­sion was known by the type of Bible he kept.


In a less significant way, the Bible version you use most reflects your own intensity of interest in the Book of Books. The casual reader may choose a paraphrase version  like The Living Bibleor the easy-reading Today's English Version. The serious student who wants copious study notes may consult The Anchor Bible, Harper Collins Study Bible, English Standard Version, Ryrie Study Bible, Dake’s Annotated Reference Bible, The NIV Study Bible, or one this writer uses, The Companion Bible.


Before we examine the bestsellers, a look at the historical background of Bible translations will be helpful.


Originals Unavailable


Some believe that the King James Ver­sionis the only trustworthy Bible. As one confused devotee said, “If the King Jameswas good enough for the dis­ciples, it's good enough for me.”


Although the King James is one of the most popular of versions, it was not the first English translation of the sa­cred Scriptures. Before the King Jameswas published in 1611, 12 others had appeared in England. The King Jamesin circulation today is actually a 1762 ver­sion.


Translating of Scripture has been ongoing since 300 B.C.E. when tradition tells us 72 Jewish scholars were ordered by Egyptian ruler Ptolemy II to provide a Greek translation of the Old Testament for Alexandrian Jews who gradually had lost touch with the Hebrew language. Thus the Septuagint Greek Old Tes­tament emerged. The Septuagintis the first attempt to translate the Hebrew Old Testament into another language, and is based on Hebrew manuscripts 1,000 years older than the Hebrew of the Masoretic text on which our Bibles are based.


More than 1,700 ancient manu­scripts of the Hebrew Scriptures exist today, but none of them are origi­nals. Until over 60 years ago, the oldest ex­isting Hebrew manuscript was the Masoretic, prepared by Jews known as Masoretes in the 5th and 6th centuries of our common era. With the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947, much older Hebrew documents—dating from 100 B.C.E to 100 C.E.—became available. The Scrolls include parts or all of the Old .Testament books but Esther.


Except for segments in Syriac (an Aramaic dialect), only Greek manu­scripts have been found for the New Testament, dating to the second century C.E.


A Hebrew New Testament?


That does not mean, however, that the originals were in Greek. Only Paul and possibly Luke were capable of writing in Greek. Further, Paul wrote his epistles to “converted” Jews of the dispersion in Asia Minor, Greece, and Rome as well as to Gentiles. The disciples were Hebrews and many thoughts and idioms of the New Testament are Hebraic, especially in the books of Matthew and Mark. What's more, hundreds of Hebrew words remain in the English New Tes­tament, many simply because no exact synonym existed when the Hebrew was translated into Greek.


Notice the following Hebrew words left virtually untouched in the English: corban(Mark 7: 11); Sabbath (Matt. 12:1); raca(Matt. 5:22); cummin (Matt. 23:23); hosana Mark 11:9), and myrrh (Matt. 2: 11). In addition are He­brew words found commonly in the New Testament, like halleluyah(see al­leluia); Satan; Messiah; wai(woe), and rabbi.


Idioms are found in the Evangels and the first part of the Book of Acts that are purely Hebrew. These don't make good literal sense in either Greek or English, but they make perfect sense in Hebrew. These col­orful Hebraisms provide undeniable evidence for a Hebrew source of the New Testament. If the original were Greek, it would not contain Hebrew vernaculars that have survived to our English.


Such Hebrew idioms include the Savior's words in Matthew 6:23:”If your eye is evil...” and “If they do this when the wood is green ... “ (Luke 23:31). Another is, “Whatever you bind [or loose] on earth will be bound [or loosed] in heaven” (Matt. 16:19).


Also consider these expressions in the Evangels that have clear Hebrew understructures: “cast out your name as evil”; “the appearance of his coun­tenance was altered”; “lay these say­ings in your ears,” “he set his face to go,” “lifted up his eyes and saw,” etc.


Whenever anyone in the New Testament was addressed from heaven, it was always in the Hebrew tongue. Translations replaced the original He­brew manuscripts, which either became lost, were destroyed, or simply wore out through use. Perhaps even older Hebrew scrolls will be discovered in some future archaeological dig.


Even more exciting would be the dis­covery of ancient Hebrew autographs of the New Testament. Such a find would demonstrate that the New Testament is simply a completion of the Old, as the New Testament faith is but a continuation of the “faith once delivered” to Israel, Jude 3. Paul wrote that we who are the Messiah's today are Abraham's seed, and heirs to the same promise, Galatians 3:29. For now we must rely on the oldest available manuscripts as did generations before us.


Our English Translations


Many English Old Testaments are based on the Septuagint. Another influential translation was the fourth century Latin Vulgate, an entire Bible translated by Eusebius Hieronymus, otherwise known as Jerome. The Vulgatewas based on the Hebrew and became the standard of the Roman Catholic Church. From it sprang the Douaiversion, the only authorized En­glish Bible for Catholics from 1600 to the 20th century.


With the emergence of a hierarchical government under the papacy, the Bible fell into general disuse. Exclusive decrees and dogmas of the Roman Church began to take precedence over Scripture. The common man could not read Latin, and the Vulgatewas the only Bible he had hopes of ever seeing. Volumes were scarce, and those that were available were chained down in the church and could not be removed.


But a renewed interest in the Scrip­tures followed the Protestant Reforma­tion, as many of the church's teachings came under scrutiny and criticism. The Renaissance in the 15th and 16th centu­ries revived the study of ancient languages and helped to inspire the many English Bible translations that would follow.


Among the new translators was the Dutchman Erasmus, who in 1516 became the first to publish a Greek New Testa­ment. His work was used by the leaders of the Reformation in their common lan­guage versions of the New Testament.


First English Bible


In the 10th century a priest named Aldred wrote an English rendition of the Evangels between the lines of a Latin text he was copying, thus produc­ing the oldest English translation of the New Testament for which evidence ex­ists. Aelfric of Bath, an Anglo Saxon abbot, shortly afterward produced an English translation of the four Evangels.

It was 400 years later that the re­former John Wycliffe translated the first complete English Bible, relying prima­rily on the Latin Vulgate. The 1382 Wycliffe Bible paved the way for the Protestant Reformation.


Another influential translator was William Tyndale. He was a member of the Catholic order and friend of Martin Luther. In 1525 he published an En­glish New Testament from the Greek, as well as the Book of Jonah from the Hebrew. It was the first English version made directly from the Hebrew and Greek and the first to be printed. His work was consulted in subsequent En­glish translations, including the King James. For his efforts, Tyndale was strangled and burned at the stake, being accused of pro­ducing “untrue translations.”


The first complete English Bible to be published was the work of Miles Coverdale in 1535. This Bible had the blessing of King Henry VIII because Coverdale worded many passages in a way that supported Anglican doctrine and undermined the use of the Latin Vulgate. This version was translated from German and Latin sources (Mar­tin Luther's Bible, the Vulgate, and Tyndale's Bible). Coverdale was the first to introduce chapter summaries and to separate the Apocrypha into an appendix to the Old Testament.


In 1553 Mary Tudor came to the throne of England and promptly banned the use of all English Bibles in favor of the Catholic Latin versions. In 1560 a group of English Protestant scholars fled to Geneva and produced the Geneva Bible. It was the first trans­lation to divide the Scriptures into verses. It was also called the Breeches Bible, because of the peculiar way it translated Genesis 3:7: “They sewed fig leaves together and made themselves breeches.”


The Geneva Bible was based mainly on Tyndale's work, with strongly Calvinistic notes.


Bible Fit for a King?

In an attempt to unite Presbyterian Scotland and Episcopal England, King James I authorized a new English trans­lation of the Bible. The Hampton Court Conference, which the king assembled, resolved, “That a translation be made of the whole Bible, as consonant as can be to the original Hebrew and Greek; and this to be set out and printed, with­out any marginal notes and only to be used in all Churches of England in time of divine service.”


Partly because of the “very partial, untrue, and seditious” Calvinistic notes in the popular Geneva Bible, the king was stirred to issue a new translation void of such notations. He took a lead­ing part in organizing the work, divid­ing the Testaments among a panel of 47 of the leading scholars. It was one of the first English translations to be a united translating effort.


When it was finished, the King James Versionwas reviewed by a panel of 12 men. By virtue of the large num­ber of translators, the same word is sometimes rendered differently. For ex­ample, Isaiah renders the nation descended from Esau as both Edom and Idumea.


The King Jamesfor the Old Testament relies primarily on ben Hayyim's edition of the ben Asher He­brew text. For the New Testament the committee used the Greek text of Erasmus and a bilingual Greek-Latin text of the sixth century.


The King James New Testament is far from perfect. The preface of the Re­vised Standard Versionreads, “The King James Versionof the New Testament was based upon a Greek text that was marred by mistakes, containing the ac­cumulated errors of fourteen centuries of manuscript copying. It was essen­tially the Greek text of the New Testa­ment as edited by Beza, 1589, who closely followed that published by Erasmus, 1516-1535, which was based upon a few medieval manuscripts.”


This source notes that Beza had ac­cess to two valuable manuscripts dating from the fifth and sixth centuries but used them very little because they dif­fered from Erasmus' text. The King Jameswas revised in 1615, 1629, 1638, and 1762, the latter be­cause the English language had changed so much that people wanted a Bible they could understand easily.


Most new translations have a hard time catching on. The King Jameswas no exception. The Pilgrims didn't like the newfangled KJV, preferring the more traditional Geneva Bible. But through time the KJV had come to be the most widely used of all translations.


Because of its wide popularity, most ref­erence works such as lexicons and con­cordances are geared to the King James Version. TheKing Jameswas the most popular Bible purchased in America until 1988, when the New International Versionsuperseded it.


No Perfect Translation

Because it is produced by well-meaning but fallible men, no Bible translation is perfect. Only the original manuscripts by the prophets, apostles, and writers were inspired by the Holy Spirit. Languages are not precisely parallel in meaning. Often a translator has to make a judg­ment call as to which would be a better word to use based on his own compe­tence with the languages and his own back­ground in understanding the Scriptures.


Because the originals are unavail­able, many modern translations are based on less than perfect source texts that are themselves born of translator biases. Some translations interpret cer­tain passages according to traditional theological understanding (for instance, “Easter” in Acts 12:4 instead of the proper “Passover”); some are very loose or general in the use of language; others use outdated language (what does the KJV mean in reference to the Kingdom in Luke 16:16 that every man “presses into it”?); while nearly all suf­fer from the fluid nature of language as old meanings are replaced by new in­ferences. (Remember when “gay” meant happy and “bad” always denoted something harmful?)


Must we give up all hope of under­standing the true, intended meaning of Scripture? Not at all. The key is know­ing where the weaknesses and strengths lie in each version, as well as consult­ing as many good versions as possible when questions arise. When there is a problem, the Bible student can consult the ancient Hebrew and Greek languages through interlinears and lexicons. The diligent Bible student must sometimes rely on a variety of rendi­tions, comparing one with another and especially with the Hebrew or Greek source word. Some study Bibles such as The Companion Bibledo just that, as do interlinears and lexicons.


Yahweh has preserved His Word down through centuries of change and attempts to destroy it. Remarkably, an­cient manuscripts like the Dead Sea Scrolls reveal just how closely the text was followed in the scribal copying leading to our translations. After copying, the scribe would count up the letters in the original and check it against his copy. If there were any discrepancies, the copy would be de­stroyed and the scribe would start over.


Why New Versions Necessary 

Exact word equivalents are not possible for every word translated from the He­brew or Greek. If a word-for-word translation were always possible, we would have no need for all the ex­isting translations in English. But be­cause we speak in phrases and sen­tences whose construction varies from language to language and dialect to dia­lect, the meaning can easily vary as well.


Additionally, languages constantly change, requiring revisions of translations to keep abreast of changes in word meanings. Better ver­sions are necessitated as knowledge of ancient languages, customs, idioms, and circumstances grows through scholarship and discovery.


Let's briefly review the most popu­lar English versions of the Bible.


New International Version 

Said to be the closest thing to a standard Bible among evangelicals is the New International Version. A team of 115 scholars spent seven years producing this contemporary language Bible in 1978. Each book was assigned to a team of scholars, who passed their work on to an intermediate committee who checked it with the Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek. Then a general editorial committee double-checked the work. Still another com­mittee made any needed changes.


The primary concern was for accu­racy, clarity, and natural English style. For the Old Testament they used the Masoretic Text, BibliaHebraica,, Samari­tan Pentateuch, Septuagint, Vulgate, SyriacPeshitta, Targums, and Jerome's JuxtaHebraicafor the Psalms, as well as consulted the Dead Sea Scrolls. Numer­ous Greek texts were used for the New Testament.


The NIVemploys a dynamic equiva­lence form of translating in a number of passages. This method calls for using a word or phrase that makes the impact that the original had on its first readers, rather than using a simple grammatical or lexical equivalent. In English style it is similar to the Revised Standard Version.


The study version employs footnotes. Drawbacks are that it, as most, is not faithful to the sacred Names, and the New Testament reflects popular and sometimes erroneous dogma.


The New King James Version

The idea behind this version was to im­prove the readability of the King James Version but effect as little change as pos­sible. A team of 130 scholars worked on individual books and recommended changes to the KJV text. An executive review committee then gave final ap­proval to the new version. The New Testament was completed in 1979, the Old in 1982.


This version replaces Old English words like thee's, thou's, ye's, thy's, and thine's with their modern equivalents. The NKJV is criticized for not updating the language enough. One authority called it a halfway house for some KJV readers who would eventu­ally move on.


English Revised Version

In the 1870s two committees began to revise the King James Version with an attempted word-for-word rendition of the ancient autographs. The result in 1885 was the English Revised Version, a translation oriented toward British word spelling and British figures of speech. It was unpopular in the United States, even though an American com­mittee had joined the project in 1872.


American Standard Version

Some of the same members of the American committee who worked on the English Revised Versionjoined the effort to produce the American Standard Version in 1901. This American revi­sion of the KJVused American expres­sions for British ones and went back to the KJV in many phrases.


Further, it made parallel passages the same when the Greek was identical, something the King Jameswas inconsis­tent in doing. Other changes included a more precise use of words with re­lated meanings. For instance, “justice” for “judgment,” and “despoil” for “spoil. “


An attempt to translate literally from the ancient Hebrew and Greek text led to many difficult Hebraisms that the American Standard attempted to avoid. But in their effort to produce a literal translation where possible, ASV trans­lators made their version sometimes as awkward as the King James. Still, the American Standard remains one of the most accurate of English language versions.


Revised Standard Version

Originally, the Revised Standard Versionwas an attempt to modernize the Ameri­can Standard Version. But this Bible, published in 1952 by the National Council of Churches, came to be a new translation, at least of the improved Greek of the New Testament.


The RSVis one of the most consis­tent English translations, yet was strongly criticized at the outset for two reasons in particular: it altered the wording of many classic passages, and it chose new readings for many pas­sages that had major theological impli­cations.


The phrasing of theRSVis similar to the high style of the King James, which makes it less popular than more modern English Bibles today. It uses a word-for-word correspondence form of translation, and corrects such passages as Acts 12:4 (using the correct word “Passover” instead of “Easter”) and Hebrews 4:8 (employing the more proper “Joshua” rather than the errone­ous “Jesus,” a mistake showing that the name “Jesus” should be “Yahshua”).


New American Standard Bible

Called the most literal, word-for-word translation on the market today, the New American Standard Bible of 1963 was another attempt to revive the American Standard Version of 1901.


Translators of the NASB used some of the papyrus manuscripts of the Greek New Testament, as well as re­ferred to recent studies of the New Tes­tament text. The Old Testament em­ployed Kittel's Biblia Hebraica(a Masoretic text), noting in the margin alternate translations from other manu­scripts versions. It also has numerous cross-references.


A convenient feature of the NASBis that when a literal translation might be confusing to the reader, it gives the meaning of the text and puts the literal translation in the margin.

Some scholars think the Old Testa­ment NASBis better than the New. Whatever the shortcomings, the New American Standard Bibleis a valuable consulting version.


Jerusalem Bible

Previous English Catholic Bibles were translations from the Latin, until 1966 when The Jerusalem Bible was intro­duced. This readable version was based on a new way of translating, meaning for meaning from the Hebrew and Greek.


The name derives from the fact that the annotations are translated from a French version prepared at a Domini­can center for Biblical studies in Jerusa­lem. The Jerusalem Bible was edited by Catholic scholars in Britain. It is one of the few to transliterate the Name Yahweh in the Old Testament.


A plus for the Bible student are the notes at the bottom of the right-hand pages, as well as an introduction to each book.


New English Bible 

The New English Bible was the first Brit­ish version to break completely with the King James. It was completed in 1970 by a committee of both Bible scholars and learned men under the auspices of all major Protestant denominations in Great Britain.


Rather than use traditional Biblical English, the translators employed con­temporary idiom. It is based on Kittel'sBibliaHebraicafor the Old Testament and a New Testament text by R.Y.G. Tasker, produced in 1964. The True Worshiper should be alert to the evangelical approach in the New Testament that does not always harmonize with Old Testament truth.


Of little import to the serious Bible student are the paraphrase versions, like the Living Bibleand Good News Bible. These use dynamic equivalence and in­terpretive paraphrase techniques to make very easy reading but also very free English translations.


Sacred Name Bibles

We've covered a mere fraction of the hundreds of English versions available. There are many other lesser knowns, including single translator versions like the James Moffatt, Smith and Goodspeed, and J.B. Phillips. These former two acknowledge the true Name Yahweh in their prefaces.


Of significance to True Worshipers seeking to worship their Father in the truth of His personal Name is J.B. Rotherham'sEmphasized Bible, which uses the Name Yahweh in the Old Tes­tament, as do the Anchor Bibleand Jerusalem Bible.


Since the 1950s several Bibles have been produced that restore the sacred Name. One of which is A.B. Traina'sHoly Name Bible. This work is based on the King James, although it reorganizes chapters in some books (including Gen­esis, Daniel, and Revelation) and takes a few translation liberties.


Other Sacred Name Bibles: 

The Restoration of the Original Sacred Name Bible was published in 1976. This Bible is based on the Rotherham Versionand uses the European-inflected Ashkenazic form of the sacred Name, Yahvah, as well as Yahshua in the New Testament.


Published by the Institute for Scrip­ture Research in South Africa, The Scriptures says in the foreword that it uses the Masoretic Hebrew and Ara- maic as found in Kittle's BibliaHebraica for the Old Testament. In the New, this translation relies on three Greek texts. The Tetragrammaton (four Hebrew let­ters of Yahweh's Name) is used in the Old Testament wherever the sacred Name is found. It employs the Hebrew letters for Yahshua in the New.


In 1992 World Book Publishers of Iowa Falls, Iowa, published The Autho­rized King James Version of 1611in Ex­egeses. A year later came the second edi­tion called the Exegeses Ready Research Bible. This Sacred Name version uses the King James and inserts exegeses or critical explanatory words within the flow of the text. It employs the Ashkenazic form “Yahveh” in the Old Testament and “Yahshua” in the New. This transla­tion restores the Hebrew names of people and places of Scripture.


The Word of Yahweh of Eaton Rapids, Michigan, is a King James Bible using “Yahweh,” “Yahshua,” and “Elohim” with an explanation of the criteria used for employing “Yahweh” and “Yahshua” in the New Testament.


The Bible Student's Wish

We see a reawakening to Bible truth to­day. Fifty years ago when the sincere Bible student mentioned the sacred Name and Yahweh's Sabbaths and Feast days, he received quizzical stares.


But today, many churchgoers now know that Yahweh is the true, personal Name of the Father, and that Yahshua is the Name of His Son. Most Bible translators say they want to provide as accurate a version as pos­sible. Perhaps some day all Bible transla­tors will be honest with themselves and their readers and boldly and properly proclaim the true Names Yahweh and Yahshua in all Bible versions.


by Alan Mansager



On all that you have been reading, what you just completed compared with The True Pronunciation of the Sacred Name,can and will be one of your most interesting studies as a genuine believer seeking truth. Take careful notice of the quality and well researched article just read with notice of Yahweh being one of the most popular personal names of Elohim. Study, compare, and then tell me the true name of Elohim according to all you have read. That is why I use Yehovah {Jehovah} being the personal first name of our Father Elohim, and Yeshua {Joshua} being His only spiritually begotten son prior to creation of the visible universe through Him.

Also, I feel most comfortable with Yuh Huv Huh because no one really knows, but what I do know is their being absolutely no J sound. So minus it, and Yehovah would be pronounced Yuh Huv Huh – and for me, it feels good and sounds right. But I am just me, so study what I have shared, and you tell me your pronunciation.

Once again I must emphasize that there are no specific links or religious organizations that I fully and completely agree with; and reason being that when a person goes into depth searching any particular religious website without Yehovah’s lead, all that comes is confusion that steels time from Him being their only main teacher.

In other words according to scripture, we all live within a deceived civilization; therefore only Yehovah can teach us full truth – and He does that for only those who become contrite.

Now to close this extensive 2 weeks + of steady effort from very early to very late each day for preparing an unwanted truth for most, leaving but few wanting what has been written making them be of the few with actions pleasing our Father – but for the many, they shall speak against me even harder than what was aimed at the author of the article; and it’s okay simply because I expect nothing more from this world of misled Christian Frauds/Alias Scorpions in Ezekiel 2:5 KJV.

My wife and I are but two simple people with years upon years of one very minimal and hard life as a living sacrifice being direct witnesses to all religious believers very cold actions going totally against who they all claim to love in word without deed; and I write not as a complaint, not to judge, and with zero anger -- but as one strong warning because Elohim knows everything about you with absolutely nothing hid being small as a fib. Hebrews 4:12-13, Ecclesiastes 12:13-14, 1 Samuel 2:3, Jeremiah 17:9-10, Psalms 62:12

Therefore when in great distress, all believers with many needs shall receive in the precise same measure as they did for others. So look very hard at yourself now and repent by living as spiritually instructed while there is still little time; and be sure to know I have been and will continue to repeat the same words over and over being the only way of forcing the nail of hard truth not heard – until for most, it’s too late.

When my wife and I have been blessed with decent daily meals, a printer, dependable computer and wireless Internet – all I want is my own website used to edit hundreds of my writings on the truth of reality for all on this earth while having a way to distribute through PDF, Kindle, or any way available just to get Yehovah’s message out for all on this earth wanting truth never taught in any human religions; and if there is anything spiritually real about you, as written in your hearts intent – Yehovah will lead you into learning more about my wife and I who have totally given ourselves to Him for whatever and wherever on this earth it may be. - Lifestyle for a true man of God. When any individual presents themselves to God as a living sacrifice; worldly items beyond basic needs have no worth or meaning.  My wife and I have lived one very hard and difficult life for over seven years, and when it comes right down to brotherly love and our basic needs, this world of religious people through words and no more are to last to care in any way making their faith dead as fruitless withered branches being thrown into the fires of affliction without God’s mercy.  Matthew 22:37-40, 25:31-46, James 2:13-20, John 15:6, Psalms 33:18-22, Romans 9:18, 12:1-2

Due my wife’s illness that Elohim has yet to heal for reasons we really don’t understand, even though we live with prayers, we just accept; therefore our home needs to be sold soon as possible for one million peso being about $24,000 USD. It’s on 935 sq. meters, has a clean title, and now electricity.  Then she can pay her 350000 peso in teacher loans, and we shall go back to live in the home she was raised in with family to be around, and to help her when in so much pain. You saw our home in the link above, and through years past we have lived much worse, and where we need to go is much more in need than any place we have lived since we met over 8 years ago; yet regardless of poor life circumstance that we really cannot fully understand, we just fight the fight, keep our faith, and exist while being in wait.

Back in 2011 I posted many photos of my wife’s mom and dad being in their 80’s, filled with faith, and having zero income – my words were that just $20 a month would be as a very great blessing for them, and through the years I tried again and again while never hearing one kind word and never one cent that would have gone directly to them via different services like western union and others. And that’s Christian love? Yea, Christian frauds love. Because all I do for life is what I am doing now, so it really matters not what my style of life is, as long as it becomes more comfortable for my wife who I love very much being my prayer partner, plus my best and only friend on this earth – until we are with her parents who love me as their own son.

What follows below is only a fraction of my many works through these years past while learning from Elohim, our Father, His truth for this world of believers without ears to hear as written in Isaiah 6:9-10; therefore all of realities absolute authenticity regarding all civilization needs to be fed to all minds being a psychological deposit into their memory banks – and what that means is that all now ignored, laughed at and scorned – will resurface when billions find themselves slowly sinking in the quicksand’s of life’s misery with no escape.



Offers a good choice being over 190 individual reads on various subjects concerning the major mess America and our entire world civilization is truly in; and includes worldwide mislead Christianity according to the Bible. - Lifestyle for a true man of God. When any individual presents themselves to God as a living sacrifice; worldly items beyond basic needs have no worth or meaning.  My wife and I have lived one very hard and difficult life for over seven years, and when it comes right down to brotherly love and our basic needs, this world of religious people through words and no more are to last to care in any way making their faith dead as fruitless withered branches being thrown into the fires of affliction without God’s mercy.  Matthew 22:37-40, 25:31-46, James 2:13-20, John 15:6, Psalms 33:18-22, Romans 9:18, 12:1-2 Nineteen pages of one very important read regarding children and our entire human race. Sadly this world of believers only believe what they choose or what they have been taught rather than believing and living by God’s truth as written instruction. - All that is required to see this planet as God sees are just open eyes with an open mind which accepts the reality of the way things truly are through massive pollution, wars, crime, violence, diseases, starvation, rapes, child abuse, human slavery, pornography, homeless refugees, drugs supplied by world leaders being the most profitable along with massive corruption in all organizations worldwide regardless of their title; and that means religions are included being worst of the worst because it’s a multibillion dollar businesses through selling their lies to worldly inhabitants glad to pay for what is not as written in the words all believers are to live by.  - What’s extremely sad is the fact being most all earths inhabitants completely fail to see this world the way it truly is along with facts being the way living conditions will become for billions on earth, including themselves which shall become a thousand times worse than words can describe; and what I speak and share is not even a microscopic scratch in the surface of human corruption and suffering worldwide due the deception from reality through incapable and pathetic human rule as it truly is. - Why Satan Was Created, and Why Evil - Is not God all-knowing while being everywhere always with zero wrongs? Has not our Father YHVH also created evil according to scripture being only truth with purpose? Why so much horrid wickedness on this earth in uncountable ways? Why Satan, being the father of lies, as god of this world today and all through history?  - This is but one tiny example of my own living sacrifice being years upon years of hardship while completely giving myself to God for His use; therefore differs greatly from others, and it’s because as individuals, very few on this earth have their own way of genuine sacrifice being their own personal suffering in many ways to show genuine faith through endurance with obedience to please YHVH Elohim, our creator through Yeshua, His only begotten Son via Spiritual Birth prior to the creation of the visible universe which has been made very clear in this link below for all end time believers.  -Thou Shalt Have No Other gods Before Me: Other gods are anything and everything worldly from an exquisite home, fine attire, nice transportation, travel, or anything worldly which comes first and before our creator. This is a very deep subject because this entire world of believers has many gods while seeing themselves as saved and forgiven; yet walking in complete darkness via the false mental light supplied by the god of this world; and he is so powerful, and so very professional with a resume dating back millions of years, who of this world can possibly doubt him through his cunning ways of deception? None, no, not one according to Psalms 14:2-3, 2 Corinthians 4:4, Ephesians 2:2-3 along with nothing but truth all through the Bible when properly studied with doubt on much human mistranslation in all versions; therefore can only learn YHWH’s TRUTH through becoming no longer of this world along with much fact on what man has done to original writings. What to expect when walking with God is one hard life being totally opposite of what all shepherds and this world of false teachers will have believers to believe – as long as you pay them unbiblical funds for their pride and bellies – because if you don’t, they tell you the lie of how you will burn in hell which does not exist as falsely taught; and God has been giving my wife and I many experiences through false brethren these past seven years; yet regardless of our circumstance, we endure and keep our faith because we see our hardship as a blessing of experiences while knowing just how life for all on this earth will become a thousand times worse being the hardest struggles humans have ever had to face through all ways of great suffering ever since our beginning. - There are those of this world being billions in the broad way, and those not of this world with zero trust in man nor themselves spiritually while striving to walk the walk in the narrow way as written in Colossians 3:1-6, rather than talking the talk believers are so good at [James 1:22-25, 2:13-20] with nothing more through deed making their faith as dead; and without faith God cannot be pleased. Hebrews 11:6 - In this site being one of many including the Bible in Facebook that I have been banned from through years past has over 500 of my written lengthy blogs with many photos having well over 100,000 views; and in truth it’s very difficult John 15:18-21 for those with spiritual understanding of YHVH to communicate with any believers being scorpions rejecting truth, and it’s because all they know is their own minds with no room for what Yehovah, who they claim to love speaks to us all. Ezekiel 2 KJV  - Most current and up to date has over 400 of my lengthy blogs on God’s Truth and the Reality of this Human Race near the beginning of these horrible End-Times coming upon ‘All’ civilization; and there is no escape – yet after much affliction YHWH offers His safety to any seeking truth with actions through trust in only Him for proving themselves worthy. Psalms 91 is but one of many truths never taught with actual meaning in the religions of man worldwide. - Where we are all headed just as God already witnessed; yet believers not only don’t follow God’s instruction, but don’t even believe in their written destiny through disobedience with the 66 verses in Lamentations 3 being their coming punishment along with their regathering - “For the Lord will not cast off for ever: But though He cause grief, yet will He have compassion according in the multitude of His mercies. For He doth not afflict willingly nor grieve the children of men.” Lamentations 3:31-33 In what you just read is YHVH’S truth concerning the destiny of all disobedient believers; yet believers can’t even believe words from whom they claim to love written directly to them all. - Master of Illusion is god of this World       - There is only one true YHVH and one true religion being ‘Yeshua-The Word’ – So which Religion Are You? - Long hair was a shame according to Paul’s inspired teaching of truth in 1 Corinthians 11:14 – yet billions worship a long haired Zeus along with images making Christ to look gay or as some transvestite wimp. Please give me a break from such stupidity!! After all, is not God’s truth written for all true believers on this planet earth?  - To Tithe or Not to Tithe?  We as believers are to prove all things through scripture; therefore paying money to the buildings of man where Satan dwells, [Revelation 2:12-17, 12:9, 18:4, 2 Corinthians 11:13-15, Ephesians 2:2 and many more verses] which are falsely called churches, along with shepherds pride and bellies is totally unbiblical. God is not saying, don’t give, but rather give with a merry heart to those in need; and this article was written by a pastor who learned truth. - Church in Greek is not a building, but rather a group of individuals which could be a street gang, Satan worshippers, or God’s little flock doing as He instructs rather than worldly ways with human doctrines and traditions [holidays] not written.  - Truth about Christmas and other pagan is so sad that none will believe because Billions Participate – but did not God say this whole world has been deceived by the god of this world being the father of lies? And what’s even sadder is this world of believers not believing the words of instruction from the Holy Bible through in-depth studies along with sacrifice to earn YHVH’S favour. - Jacob whom Elohim renamed Israel was a man and not a nation; and his seed became as the stars spread worldwide, yet the majority of believers on this earth have no idea who Israel is because they are known as Jews to weak human minds not seeing truth; therefore could easily be one of their descendants’ scattered worldwide. The very first time the name Jews is used in the Holy Bible is not until 2 Kings 16:6; yet all believers call Israelites Jews.

The term Jew passed into the English language from the Greek Ioudaios and Latin Iudaeus, from which the Old Frenchgiu was derived after dropping the letter "d", and later after a variety of forms found in early English (from about the year 1000) such as: Iudea, Gyu, Giu, Iuu, Iuw, Iew developed into the English word “Jew.” It thus ultimately originates in the Biblical Hebrew word Yehudi meaning "from the Tribe of Judah", "from the Kingdom of Judah" or Jew; and Judah was but only one of Jacobs twelve sons with their identification and whereabouts in the link above. - Glimpse of a very small portion of my works for God and humanity being years of continual nonstop effort for my Spiritual Education; and last update was about 2-3 years ago.  - Some of my writings in different format which I use no more due limited Internet access.  - Message For This Human Race is my 474 page, 25 chapter published book on 9/2012, but few sold which made the year plus in writing just more of my spiritual education on world reality.  - These stones carry a very true, strong and important message for all civilization; yet what’s most important goes as unreported breaking news:

‘We have cut the links between child and parent, between man and man, and between man and woman. No one dares trust a wife or a child or a friend any longer. But in the future there will be no wives and no friends. Children will be taken from their mothers at birth, as one takes eggs from a hen. The sex instinct will be eradicated. Procreation will be an annual formality like the renewal of a ration card. We shall abolish the orgasm. Our neurologists are at work upon it now. There will be no loyalty, except loyalty towards the Party. There will be no love, except the love of Big Brother”. - George Orwell, 1984

'Apathy and indifference are nurtured in the modern age as most people's free time is frittered away with worthless trivia like ball games, computer games, movies and soaps, and fiddling with their mobile phones. These distractions might be fun, but after most of them you’ve learnt nothing of any value, and remain ignorant, malleable and suggestible, which is just how the [new world order] elites want you’. Clive Maund

Welcome To Your Life Coming In New World Order - Where we are all headed just as God already witnessed; yet believers not only don’t follow YHWH’s instruction, but don’t even believe in their written destiny with verses all through the Bible on their coming future through judgment with reason why these things must be.  - True Faith through Heart, Mind, and Action with Deed Only God Can See. -  - ThePagan Doctrine of Christmas, the trinity, hell and lake of fire embraced and Christianized by Roman Catholicism along with uncountable misleading ways of darkness.  

The doctrine of hell and the truth of the Bible that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world cannot both be true at the same time. The Bible is the Word of God and it does not contradict itself. It is the doctrine of hell which is false and unbiblical. - Loving, giving, caring and showing compassion towards others is what God expects from all genuine believers worldwide. Is the person you see in the mirror pleasing our eternal Father? - How can shepherds worldwide teach and supply what they know not and have not? What’s most sad is all the scripture in many books warning believers against this world of shepherds with sound good words, their smile and personality – but it’s all for them, their pride, and their bellies, and not their congregation. - Just in this link alone you can learn very much about how I look to the Father for direction always plus some information on the way of life for my wife and I since we met in 2007.  As bad sickening and horrible as child abuse actually is worldwide, not to mention the massive human suffering of all ages through crime, rapes, disease, genocide, war, rebel violence and uncountable atrocities, you would think this world of believers would see all things regarding human life in the opposite way they all think and have been falsely taught; and when the worst timesoftrouble comes upon us all in ways God clearly warns, they shall learn what they thought could never happen to them the hard way during massive affliction, great tribulation or God’s wrath depending on which of the two resurrections they have lived for. - God’s Plan For All - It’s only when one being very genuine and sincere seeks God’s truth with all of their heart, mind, body and soul year after year after year with faith being their only fuel for life when living with many hardships that they come across brethren as another body part supplying good and strong spiritual knowledge not taught in the religions of man; and all may not be seen in full agreement, such as who Israel truly is, but will be when God draws firstfruits together and leads them in complete truth; therefore after 25 years this link has become one of my most valuable truths with scripture proving all things. - This man’s studies are also very deep with strong meat for any true believers seeking only truth; however, he uses none of the scripture God has been teaching me for years on just how He views this entire human race, nor on how believers are to love each other in deed being more than just meaningless words which YHVH sees written within the hearts of most all believers. – Over eight years ago, God placed me within a position of life having near absolutely nothing; and all I have personally witnessed through these years past is religious hypocrites of all beliefs worldwide full of love in words towards Christ and God the Father while not even knowing Him through their extremely selfish ways which they cannot see; but God sees all things with nothing ever hid which all shall answer for in judgement. Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 - 2010-2012 is but one example of the lifestyle of my wife and I as faith filled workers for God in many ways through endurance. - If you love me, keep my commandments. Matthew 22:37-40, John 14:15 – Yet where loving others through deed of good works becomes the issue, none do what God expects making their faith as dead; and without faith God cannot be pleased. James 2:13-20, Hebrews 11:6; therefore God shall repay all in the same measure as they did for others during these coming perilous times being the 31/2 years affliction written in Matthew 24:4-14 and Revelation 6:1-8 which is followed by 31/2 years great tribulation ending in YHVH’S wrath. – YHWH’s absolute truth is nothing but foolishness to all natural minds; and the reason is zero knowledge of Gods given human spirit in all minds verses obtaining His Holy Spirit given only to those who earn it as instructed in Proverbs 2:1-6, 3:5-6 and Colossians 3:1-4 plus1 Corinthians 2 which gives great spiritual understanding to the few overcomers seeking truth. Revelation 2:17        - All people of this world through being a part of all or any worldly ways are there from being invisibly caged within the system of human control as if in their unseen caged prison of life while being supplied with worldly needs to keep them deluded and dumbed down with satisfaction. Such strong truth on reality and the way this world really is, especially Britain and America under full control through politics and human rule which is all a big lie along with all manmade religious as financial institutions being no different as humans’ greatest lie through ignorance of our coming end through many gruesome years filled with chaos and great suffering. Want much in-depth truth most Americans and believers worldwide are far too lazy to read just like the Bible? - The Vatican and truth about the Catholic religion; and since over a billion Catholics have been misled, so have a billion false Christians along with every man made religion on this earth; so says God in His own words believers refuse to believe. In the link above much can be read about the Vatican and catholic corruption plus much more for any seeking truth through today’s Internet being loaded with facts – and lies also which require spiritual discernment. Hebrews 5:14 - Only Christ Can Teach Truth Because Human Teachers Only Destroy Truth - Plus Payback Time is Coming Upon All Cold Hearts Worldwide. - The god of this world cunningly manipulates all human thought causing actions not pleasing to God; and when YHWH warns all believers of the mind controlling powers the god of this world has over all humanity – none, no, not one believes His words. Job 15:15-16, Psalms 14:2-3, 53:2-3, Revelation 12:9         - Want God’s mercy as written in Psalms 33:18-22? Then do onto others as you would want them to do for you. In other words don’t just speak good as this world of believers are so good at doing with no more, but actually do good deeds for others which God shall reward you for. Romans 9:18 - To walk in faith requires just accepting your way of life regardless of how little you have; and it’s called faith with sacrifice being pleasing to God our Father.

My existence in God’s prison being who I am has shown me a great problem of this human race being their own thoughts and ways which lead to judging who they really know nothing of beyond what their own mind tells them; and guess who is the psychological mind controller of this world? He is the father of lies who all believe with the Pope and all Catholics being billions led by his lies all worldly inhabitants actually believe and live by to the point of despising God’s truth through His messengers speaking what they refuse to hear while loving their shepherds; therefore only continue walking in their unknown darkness until they learn in judgment. Isaiah 26:9, verses 20-21= the few and the many.  - Me  - Me  - Me

Message for This Entire Human Race by Timesoftrouble                                                 



When we look to God through faith, He directs us according to His will which can only be followed through our hearts; and that is where the line between the few and the many in {Matthew 7:13-14} come into the scene because only the few can actually hear God who speaks through His words because God is the priority and first intent of their heart which God sees, knows and understands better than whom it is in. 

Most believers know God’s Ten Commandments with having the love of Christ as the new commandment as written in {John 13:34} being the greatest; and that is because without that love we cannot ever come to truly know God because God is love as written in 1 John 4:7-8. So any believers who lack that love for others in a Christ like way through their hearts with actions will not receive the blessings for the tree of life just as written in Revelation 22:14. In other words if we do all of God's commandments we will be blessed, but if we do not such as this religious world through man that has no love for others, there will be no blessings. Most all will say, I believe, am saved and have love, and I will say, why then have I not been able to find any through over four years of searching when in Romans 12:17-21 we are to even love our enemies? And I have been ignored for years when only hoping for Kraft dinner, a box of just old miscellaneous junk or pennies from heaven because everything over time adds up into some coffee, bread or rice.  

Because God knows all thoughts and the hearts intent of all who believe in Him and claim to love Him, He does many things within their lives as a test for obedience, increase in their faith and more knowledge which is understanding of Him. And God does all these things as a preparation for His chosen firstfruits who will reign with Christ in the millennium. Some who think they are the elect of God just totally flunk because how can anyone who has not love and overcome the god of this world ever expect to reign within the government of God {Isaiah 9:6-7} as a teacher, king, priest or whatever your spiritual gift for others may be when they don't even know God? And the few others only strive to do as written within the words that we have all been commanded to live by while knowing that nothing including their own thoughts can ever be hid from God, so there is absolutely no excuses whatsoever for not doing the will of God which has been written for all.  Firstfruits----{Revelation 1:6, 5:10, Exodus 19:6}


For those few chosen who live without much such as many simple needs like a dresser, bathroom sink, windows and foods to eat while just learning through years of experiences to live in the rough with hunger, pains and much cruelty from a world of false brethren, they just do it through unwavering faith {James 1:6} while only growing closer to God through many years while being spiritually prepared to help as many that God may draw according to His mercy which depends on what only He can see in the hearts of many; and what His mercy does is this. {Romans 9:14-24}

“Behold, the eye of the LORD is upon them that fear him, upon them that hope in his mercy, to deliver their soul from death, and to keep them alive in famine.  Psalms 33:18-19

In my particular circumstance of life with very strong faith and knowledge of the Holy One, {Proverbs 9:10} my greatest goal is in having the same faith as Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego because I know that the fiery furnace is now even hotter than the seven times hotter that king Nebuchadnezzar made it prior to throwing those three great men in for the fires to consume; and the fire was so hot that it killed the men who threw Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego into the flames---and then the king really flipped out when he saw the three men walking within the fires with a fourth present, and they had no hurt whatsoever. Read Daniel chapter 3:8-30 as a base for your own preparation for the roots to stand strong, for without you shall surly die a very painful death in any number of uncountable ways while being within the coming massive storms that will be spread out through these coming years.

Also become very familiar with Job, his losses, his sufferings and his false friends. Become a spiritual person with God as your guide while coming to know and understand the faith of Elijah in 1 Kings 17:8-24 because what he did through faith, you will also do in these coming worst times of trouble that have ever been---if you eliminate the religions of man.

Now read 2 Corinthians 11:23-27 while gaining some understanding of what Paul went through during his 21 years of works for God while also reading Hebrews 12:1-2 as a perfect example of how you yourself need to also be while also taking very careful note of his words in Romans 7:15-25 which show that we are nothing but mere men of flesh and blood in constant battles between our flesh and spirit which makes being one who overcomes the god of this world a full time non stop job; and that is why without fully abiding in our Head and Lord Jesus Christ, we can do nothing. John 15:5

Because everything is open and naked to God, absolutely nothing can ever be hid, so when our words speak of how much faith and love we have for Him, He will give us direction through His words that He expects us all to follow, and if what we speak is within our hearts, we will do as His words says to do, but if our thoughts are the limit, we will do only what our own spirit in man allows while rejecting the commands of our Father that we are to live by as written in Deuteronomy 8:3, Matthew 4:4, Luke 4:4.

The spirit of man and the Spirit of God can be found in 1 Corinthians chapter 2.

So where does all this thus far written place the world of believers?  Let’s allow God to answer that question through the words of God into Samuel when he was speaking to King Saul.

“Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass. But Saul and the people spared Agag, and the best of the sheep, and of the oxen, and of the fatlings, and the lambs, and all that was good, and would not utterly destroy them: but every thing that was vile and refuse, that they destroyed utterly. And Saul said unto Samuel, I have sinned: for I have transgressed the commandment of the Lord, and thy words: because I feared the people, and obeyed their voice. Now therefore, I pray thee, pardon my sin, and turn again with me, that I may worship the Lord. And Samuel said unto Saul, I will not return with thee: for thou hast rejected the word of the Lord, and the Lord hath rejected thee from being king over Israel. {1 Samuel 15:3, 9, 24-26}

I don’t care who you are, where you are, what denomination of believers you are a part of, what pagan days you worship, your Sabbath day or anything else because God says everything that any believers worldwide need to hear in just one phrase of few words stating clear as polished crystal in the sunshine that;

“If you reject me, I shall also reject you.”

When a person becomes so dedicated to God that they have absolutely no life whatsoever of their own while living under constant stress from many difficulties over a four year period of time, what began with much bitterness against a world of religious people that had no care whatsoever became a life of such understanding of God and the god of this world, that I simply can love all because none know what they are doing to themselves.

Please take just a moment to glance at some of my writings below with perhaps another two hundred that I have not yet posted. And they are not to boast, but only to show true dedication with faith as my only wage in a world with much hate as my bonus pay. After all does not God tell us all to work for our rewards in Proverbs 2:4-5? Along with not being a sluggard in Proverbs 6:4-6?

 A Unique Story Of My Dedication To God and This World of Religious Deception A Message For All Believers From God In Psalms. We All Have Things In Life To Learn About Love, And Very Few Will Learn Now Because Most All Will Be Crying Out For Love And Care When There Is Not Any To Hear Just As They Could Not Hear. Think about the Black Hole in the Universe, God, and the way of this world. The Higher Power and why the religions of man are the most deceived through rejecting God's truth. The Higher Power Written By An Author And Professor To The Point Regarding The Condition Of America Followed By My Comment. Who I Am; My Purpose In Life; and how a blind woman sees through feel. The Only Way To Know God Is To Love Others; And This World Of Religion Has No Love To Show Beyond The Tongue, So They Know Not God In Spirit And Truth. 1 John 4:7-8 Who I am; and My Purpose in Life Subconscious With a Purpose Howl, Ye Shepherds, And Cry; And Wallow Yourselves In The Ashes, Ye Principal Of The Flock: For The Days Of Your Slaughter And Of Your Dispersions Are Accomplished; Why The Religions Of Man Know Not God Often The Best Or Only Way For Us To Speak Is Through Photographs. Updated Writing On Our Hearts And How To Read The Holy Bible. The Greatest Fools Are The Religions Of Man That Label God A god Of Torture That Thrives On Dishing Out Eternal Barbecues With All Invites From Toddlers To The Elderly. Even Christ Asked The Father To Forgive Those That Tortured Him. This World of Man-made False Religions that Show Belief in Man with Rejection towards God. Whether One Believes In God Or Does Not This Whole World Has Been Deceived, And Life As All Have Known It Is Going To Come To Its End In Ways They Don't Want To Hear And Won't Believe---until They Learn The Hard Way. Faith is Trust in what cannot be seen when your life is at stake.Faith is complete trust in what cannot be seen through actions that please the Father. Why Judgment Must Come Upon Us All Why There Is Evil  Why People Don't Believe in God, and Why Religious People Don't Even Believe God. One Of Many Emails Written To Oprah Winfrey. I Would Greatly Appreciate Any Answer To A Question That You Will Find In This Writing. The Greatest Mistake We As Human Beings Make Is Not Looking Only And Directly To God With Unwavering Faith That Exits You With Elimination From This World Of Man With His Words, Teachings, Doctrines And Traditions That Make The Words Of God To Become As N When The Plumbing Of Our Minds Becomes Corroded With Bad Cruds, It Cannot Be Cleared To Allow A Fresh Flow, So The Only Way For Repairs Is To Scrap It All And Start Afresh With Only What’s Pure And Tried As Silver In The Furnace Of Earth Seven Times  Some Things We Really Need To Think About In Deeper Ways Than Ever Before Because Reality Is Not What It Appears To Be Through Man. Beginning Of The End Through Hidden Ways Via The god Of This World Why I Read The Bible And What Faith Truly Is Through Actions. God--Man--Satan—Earth--Universe & Why Judgment Must Come Upon Us All God--Man--Satan—Earth--Universe & Why Judgment Must Come Upon Us All  Lies---Lies---Lies---and More Lies Via The god Of This World.  The Rehabs Of Man Are Only A Revolving Door, But To Just Walk Away For Good Is Much More. There Is But Only One Way That Can Ever Work Regarding "Rehabilitation For Troubled People" These Are The Words Of A Spiritual Weather Report That Shows The Beginning Of Sorrows Approaching On The Radar Screen That A Deceived World Cannot See; And When It Strikes There Will Be No Where To Run. Words From God The Majorities Within A Deceived World Will Not Hear. . . The Meaning Of Love To God Goes Far Beyond Words. For, Behold, The Lord Cometh Out Of His Place To Punish The Inhabitants Of The Earth For Their Iniquity: The Earth Shall Disclose Her Blood, And Shall No More Cover Her Slain.  Discuss The Handwriting On The Wall   When God Speaks Only Few Can Hear   Have Much Respect For Those With Much Age   Our Native Home In The Philippines   Discuss Daniel And Revelation   Write My Communications With Others That All Can Learn From   Speak Of The Exact Time Of The Birth Of Jesus Christ   Speak Of Just How Bad What We Eat Can Be For Us All   Speak Only Facts Of Who God Is And Who We Are In Comparison   Discuss The Ways Of God And Not The Ways Of Man   Discuss The Context Of The Words Of God   Speak Of Why Job Was Written For These End Times   Discuss Gods Prison Of Truth   Speak Of What It Means To Grow With God   Speak Words From God To The Shepherds And Congregations   Write Of What No One Can See   Speak Words Of Truth Just Between Us From Me To You   Speak Truth On The Beginning Of The End Of Humanity   Write Of Gods Truth Of Who Israel Is In Prophesy   When You Reject God Even Unknowingly He Will Reject You   Understand How To Know God   God Speaks Of A Nation Void Of Counsel With No Understanding   See How People Don’t Always Read Others Correctly   Speak Of World Famine With Proof Of Its Coming   Discuss From Christianity To Wicca From God's Point Of View   Discuss Murderers In The Eyes Of God   Tell Of How My Mind Operates With Only God For My Source   Speak On What All Need To Know About The Love Of God   Speak Of The Sabbath On Saturday   Discuss Why Most Are Abiding In Death And Know It Not   Speak Of What A Man Is To God   Speak Of Life And Death   Speak Of Breaking News   Understand What Is Childish To God   Understand What Understanding God Means   Speak Of Our Hearts That Can Hide Nothing   What My Life Would Be Like If I Was A Billionaire   Discuss What It Means To Overcome   Write Of The Truths Of Today And Every Day   Discuss The Church As Fuel For The Fire In 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Around That The Blind See Not   Supply Bits And Pieces Of How Death Is Sneaking Up On All   See Who We Are To Learn From While Expecting The Same   See And Know The Horrors Coming On One Very Blind USA   See A People So Lost They Can't Even Find Themselves    See The Worst Lost Trying To Save The Lost   Can See The Reality TV Show That All Must See   See Massive Bloodshed Coming On People Of Blindness   Read In God's Truth How He Sees Churches And Congregations  Need Only Truth Of Reality Behind The Scenes   Live In My Own World And You Live In Yours, But We All Live   Speak Of Life As Chess With The King Of Power About To Fall   Watch Times Of Trouble   When God Becomes Your Life’s Priority What All Need To Know, But Don't Want To Know The Powers Of Satan   See What God Sees In Man   Have The Faith For Tribulation To Share   Simply See The True Reality As It Genuinely Is Behind All   I Have Life's Experiences And So Do You   Share Truth And Reality Behind The Scenes 

About Love And What It Means Too God; About My Grandmother At 103About Wolves In Sheep's Clothing And The Coming Horrors.  Whats Been Happening Behind The Backs Of All Worldwide Including Religious Deception.About Suffering For People Of God And Why I Was Chosen Out Of This World By Christ. Strait Is The Gate And Narrow Is The Way Which Leadeth Unto Life, And Few There Be That Find It. About Running The Race Words From An Ex-church Goer  And My Reply Powers Of Satan Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me  What God Is Looking For Within His Created Beings That Is Completely Missing, Therefore Great Punishment Is Coming. The Powers Of Darkness About My Past In America And Now In The Philippines  

What God Says About Churches The Worst Living Horrors Are Coming Closer Each Day. . If God Is Not The Center Of Our Lives With Priority, We Are Of This World; Therefore Know Not Truth As It Is Written. Strong Meat: Hebrews 5:14 We As People Of God Are Always Watched And Measured By Our Hearts. The Love Of Christ That People Of God Are Lacking. Prophecy Towards The Fall Of America Prophecy Towards The Fall Of America What God Sees Within The Hearts Of Overcomers As Christ About True ChristianityGod Knows All Things Including You're Own Heart Better Than You Know Yourself---Plus His Instruction on How to Read the Holy Bible  I Have About Eighteen Years With God And Not Church, Therefore God Is My Teacher Through His Words Of Truth Rather Than The Twisted Words Of Man. There Is But One God And Only One Religion; Yet Man Has Made His Own That Have Caused Confusion. The More Faith That We Have; The More We Turn Only To God While Going Around Man. People May Not Always Like Truth, Yet It Is Written For Those Who Put Absolutely No Trust In Man. People Helping People Will One Day Be The Way The Whole World Is.


Along with all of these stories that have been posted in many websites, I also have an additional nine free websites of my own. And the reason so many is because they are free, and because I have not my own bank account, no money, no bank card or any funds, the massive cost of my own web domain for the work of God is just so far out of reach that $150 per year might as well be $150,000. What’s so hard is that my whole purpose is through what God has done and where He placed me years ago to become His student with God as my only true teacher {Isaiah 28:9} according to His words for gaining the spiritual abilities in helping as many possible before they become of those in Proverbs 1:22-32 and the many in Matthew 7:13 or Isaiah 26:21.


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What No One Can See                                        

Wisdom or Foolishness                                      

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We Are Within End Times                             

Words as God Leads                                                                         

Today's Reality in Truth                                

In this world of religion which is led by man throughout his uncountable religions worldwide filled with all different doctrines, spirits, traditions and beliefs which all equal only confusion verses the one and only true God with only His pure words of truth which were written with no confusion, what we have as a result is exactly what God says in Revelation 12:9 on how this whole world has been deceived that billions just plain with no questions asked refuse to believe along with His words all through the Holy Bible which means that they are all worldwide rejecting God just as Saul did.  So just as I said before, reject God, and God will reject you, and that is no man made lie such as all of their false teachings on God being a god of torture who dishes out free eternal barbecues to non believers when there are a whole world of believers who don’t even believe His words to live by while placing themselves as some superior bride for the snatching away which is nothing but a great lie that comes from the father of lies who all believe while rejecting their creator and persecuting anyone who speaks as God directs when looking only to Him. {John 8:28b}

For all those with a way of helping others in this world of need including your family, neighbors, the poor and homeless along with just anybody anywhere, there shall be a blessing from God because you could hear the needs of others. But for those who look to themselves, think of themselves, care only about themselves, and have not the love of Christ to even know God in Spirit----when there are world food shortages, diseases, terrorist acts, crime, looting, martial law, death camps and great sufferings so horrible that you must cry out to God for help and His mercy, He will not hear you in the same way that you could not hear others. And that is a promise from God who all in this deceived world reject, so welcome to the coming living nightmares that will become your only way of life for years. Say you have money which will bail you out of any mess?

“And I will bring distress upon men, that they shall walk like blind men, because they have sinned against the Lord: and their blood shall be poured out as dust, and their flesh as the dung. Neither their silver nor their gold shall be able to deliver them in the day of the Lord's wrath; but the whole land shall be devoured by the fire of his jealousy: for he shall make even a speedy riddance of all them that dwell in the land. {Zephaniah 1:17-18}

Through these past four years the Lord has seen that my wife and I could make it, but only by going through one hard time after another in a never ending fight for mind and body while crying out to God and casting all of our cares upon Him because He cares about us.             {1 Peter 5:7} 

So all we can do is only remind God of His many promises through doing our best just as He says while only asking for the inner peace to deal with whatever cards of life He may deal for His purpose that we never question because we know that God does have a very special plan for our lives in helping other when this world becomes a living nightmare.

Within all of my works for God there has also been many requests for any kind of small helps only to be completely ignored with me being judged, scorned and detested with persecution just as our Lord speaks in John 15:18-21----but through these years when needs were so great in being near homeless or no power and water, God always touched some hearts for enough help to get us through, and then those people would just return into their own ways with a change of mind that rejected God while calling me an author for the devil.

We had a man of 80 years who sent me a note saying that God sent Him, and that he knew of my years of hard times and was going to help, and within a few days we received about $200 dollars which was as a great blessing to pay some of our owes, and then I just heard from Him no more for a few days as silent and gone. Then I sent him this last writing that I had spent much time on just as all of my works for God----

We all as the human race have reached a time where we have a choice of but only two walks in life.

---and was very happy to receive an email from him telling me to list my needs because of my bad teeth, physical weakness, ears ringing and other problems partially from an old head injury that took a tiny piece of my brain. Well being once well off and a hard worker, I felt that after four years of living on the stress of nothing that I would be very honest in costs for a dentist, our 30x30 sq ft owe on our lot, the nipa leaf roof repairs, my old used computer with a regular no response, freeze, bad Microsoft word, very slow, bad monitor, bad mouse, no ink for the printer, being behind on power and smartbro wireless and some other needs with a number that came to about $1500 with the facts of the over $100,000 I lost and went through in years past for church building funds, helping families in need, feed the children, medical research donation, sponsor a child and much more. I also added that just whatever he could do is all that we expect. So to some that may seem like a lot of money, but to Spielberg in his $200 million dollar Yacht, or some of these models that don $180,000 shoes and $130,000 hats with women and their $2 million dollar diamond ring, I felt my needs were quite small for my effort through 7x24x52= God--wisdom and knowledge to help many.

 So what was the result from a man of God who spoke so much love and care?  Satan wins again and we can have no more contact because his wife at 90 after 50 years of marriage told him that she would divorce him if he helped me and my wife. It is Satan as the overcomer who has overcome this entire human race other than God’s chosen few in His little flock, and that is because they are the few that follow only their head with no association of man who is led by the father of lies with a world of shepherds who are the ministers of the devil who feed not their sheep as the blind leading the blind into their own blood shed. Welcome to reality.  {Acts 5:3, 2 Corinthians 11:13-15, Luke 12:32, Ezekiel 34, Matthew 15:14, Lamentations 4:13}

God just says that Christ is to be our head and His words as our guide, so to make your own words for excuse to reject Him, only God can see your spirit of man which is rebelling against him through doing only what you want and not what God commands.

The result is that my wife and I are as we have been through the years with no money, no food, a computer that is my only life for God that I have come to despise because it loses work and tries my patience always with just far to much added stress from every direction that after 4 years of has really worn me down badly. But because God can do all things, for now He is just using me to find the few with hearts that please him while warning those with the icy ones clearly aware of what they can expect when this world becomes chaos and a mess with starvation, wars, diseases and disasters with no food anywhere to be found----that is when our faith in God as Elijah had will supply us with our grain and curse of oil to keep alive with absolutely no dependence on man.

After years and years of a life with nothing I have never given up on God while only completely losing all trust in man, and as of now, only God knows how much more we can take, so each of the many times I have searched for help over the years I have always had some hope through faith that has always come in one way or another which has been for the most part just the strength to deal with a world of religious hypocrites who know not God-----and because I speak the Father’s truth by looking only to Him----the hate just continues on from a world of false brothers and sisters who refuse to be warned of their coming calamity when God will laugh at them and not hear their cries.

How long, ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge? Turn you at my reproof: behold, I will pour out my spirit unto you, I will make known my words unto you. Because I have called, and ye refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded; But ye have set at nought all my counsel, and would none of my reproof: I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh; When your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish cometh upon you. Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me: For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the LORD: They would none of my counsel: they despised all my reproof. Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way, and be filled with their own devices. For the turning away of the simple shall slay them, and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them. {Proverbs 1:22-32}

Because we live in a world with Satan as god who is the father of lies, nobody wants truth because he as the prince and power of the air with his counterfeit feel good spirits that deceives all children of God---{Ephesians 2:2}---so they have no love beyond the tongue and know not God, {1 John 4:7-8} so with my dedication to only God with no association with all of the religions of man, I have not one friend on this planet just as Christ said my life would be in John 15:18-21---and with that also came 4 years of being as the murdered victim in 1 John 3:14-18 and Proverbs 21:13---but when that is what we come to expect through the words of God, it just becomes a normal life as a workman for God.

And when we speak only truth, there is still no gain because God is not believed; and because this world of believers does not believe Him, He speaks these pure words of truth that were written with absolutely no confusion directly to you.

“The Lord looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God. They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one. {Psalms 14:2-3}

There is a whole world who cannot see truth, and because of adult pride and stupidity along with the words of man in all of their man made false religions with church steeples that the devils laughs so hard at because they represent an erect penis; therefore a billion children are going to suffer from a very corrupt human race and world they had nothing to do with being in the absolute mess that it is in, yet shall have to dearly pay a very sad price with no understanding, and the lives of children and their suffering made Jeremiah to cry and vomit because of the vision for the soon coming tomorrow. {Lamentations 2:11}        And shepherds worldwide teach nothing that God says because all they have is their pride and your money that is a sin for you to give. Want to know where your money that belongs to God should go rather than their bellies?

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